iPhone SE 2022: it survives falls “as well” as the iPhone 13

iPhone SE 202

Apple didn’t really innovate on the design when it launched the latest iPhone SE 2022 – but that’s probably not the point. These models are indeed designed as more affordable entry points into the Apple ecosystem. By using the proven design of the iPhone 8 , Apple can, for example, extend the life of its production lines, use inventory and surplus components, while increasing production efficiency.

Because Apple now knows this format well, and has access to all the most suitable production tools. This does not mean that from one generation of iPhone SE to another nothing changes. For example, we know that Apple changed the chip to give it an A15 Bionic, the same chip engraved in 5nm that we find in the latest iPhone 13.

2022 iPhone SEs are surprisingly drop resistant

However, according to one of the very first drop tests of the iPhone SE 2022, the chip is not the only thing that Apple has improved on this iteration. During the presentation of the device, Apple had emphasized the increased resistance of the smartphone against scratches and shocks. And to add that like the iPhone 13, the iPhone SE 2022 would benefit from the “hardest glass ever put on a smartphone”. The glass in question would not be the same as the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 13.

It is therefore above all to gauge this info on the resistance to falls of the iPhone SE 2022 that Allstate Protection Plans decided to subject the device to a ruthless drop test. Three sets of hits – face then back to the ground before dropping it on its edge – dropped the device onto a sidewalk from a height of 1.83 m (6 feet).

Results ? The device survived the face-down test as well as the edge-on drop test with virtually no permanent damage. However, his fall back against the ground resulted in glass breakage. It is therefore rather advisable to buy a protective cover with the smartphone. Fortunately, as Apple has taken the exact same design since the iPhone 8 generation, there are really a lot of choices.

In the absence of a format change, you can buy any shell stamped iPhone SE 2022, iPhone SE 2020 and even iPhone 8 for your iPhone SE 2022. Are you going to put a protective shell on your smartphone? Share your opinion in the comments.