iPhone, iPad, Mac: how to buy cheaper Apple products?

How about an iPhone at a bargain price? Apple products have never been known for their accessibility. In fact, you only need to visit the manufacturer’s website to see for yourself. Most of the products on offer are indeed priced at several thousand euros, which makes them completely out of reach for most people.

However, there are several solutions to lower prices, solutions that we will list in this guide. The list is however probably not exhaustive and if you know of other good plans, the comments are there for that.

Buy your iPhone from a carrier

As a general rule, when you want to buy an iPhone and you have a limited budget, the first instinct is to visit its operator. Subsidized offers allow you to make great savings. At least in appearance. The best thing to do, before placing an order, is to go through the “calculator” box.

Let’s take the example of an operator drawn at random and whose name does not matter.

With this operator, the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro is offered at €599. Interesting, yes, but beware! To take advantage of this attractive price, you must also subscribe to a 5G subscription billed at €49.99 per month for the first year, and €64.99 for the second… with a 24-month commitment.

And precisely, if we do the account, we end up with a total price of 1978.76 € for a smartphone which is offered, new and without subscription, at 1159 €. By removing the price of the phone, we therefore obtain a cost of €819.76 for the package. Amortized over two years, we are therefore on an average of €34.15 per month. With a 24-month commitment that will prevent you from benefiting from the inevitable promotions launched by other operators.

So of course, this solution has the advantage of not requiring too big an initial bet. Nevertheless, it may be useful to compare the various subsidized offers proposed before making your choice.

Wait for the (real) promotions

The second method is probably the most obvious. If you are not in a hurry, then nothing prevents you from waiting for the sales periods before changing Mac, iPad or iPhone. Or even to acquire accessories.

The best example is probably the AirPods Max. They are currently offered at €629 on the Apple site. However, in the past, their price went down to 475 €. That is a reduction of more than €150 on the base price.

There is, however, a difficulty. It is indeed not always easy to know if the promotions offered… are really good deals. Some brands, some sellers, have the annoying tendency to increase the price of their products before promotional periods to give Internet users the impression that they are cutting their prices.

If you want to be sure not to be tricked, however, it is possible to rely on third-party tools. For Amazon, for example, you have the CamelCamelCamel site which provides access to the price history of a product. And there, you will see right away if the proposed promo is really one. Same thing for Keepa which works exactly on the same principle.

Practical, useful tools that will also allow you to know if a larger promotion than the one put in place can be considered. CamelCamelCamel indeed offers a complete price history. History which also allows us to see that the AirPods Max have never yet fallen below the 475 € mark at Amazon.

Choose the right time

Again, it’s a bit of a matter of common sense. A product is always more expensive when it has just been marketed.

The best example remains that of the iPhone. If you buy an iPhone as soon as it is released, then you will have to pay full price for it. On the other hand, its price will tend to drop after nine or ten months, and when the presentation of new models approaches. Strangely, it is also usually at this time that the biggest promotions fall.

This also applies to new, but also to the second-hand market. You will soon be able to see it, but next school year, many iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will be on sale. And that’s where you can get the best deals since there will be a lot more offers.

And of course, this goes for all products and all brands. Sometimes, you can therefore make very good savings if you are patient.

Turn to refurbished

If you hesitate to buy a product from an individual, you also have the option of refurbished. Apple, for example, offers a section of its store entirely dedicated to this type of product, sometimes with very good offers: the Refurb.

At the moment, for example, you have the MacBook Air M1 which is offered at €959 on the Refurb in its basic version, compared to €1,129 new. That is a difference of 170 €.

If you need more power, you also have the MacBook Pro M1 which is currently priced at €1,229 on the Refurb, compared to €1,449 new. And therefore with a difference of 220 €.

The best is yet to come. Apple offers strong warranties on products purchased through Refurb. The return is thus possible within 14 days and the guarantee reaches one year.

On the other hand, and it’s a shame, the most recent products often take a little time to arrive on the Refurb. Worse still, the brand focuses mainly on Macs and Apples. TV.

There are of course alternatives, but be careful which one you choose. On the refurbished market, scams are legion and we had also devoted a complete file to this subject.

In the end, and as you will no doubt have understood, the most difficult thing will be to be patient. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for refurbished or for promotions, you will have to wait for the right moment to place an order.

So, it’s true that it can be a little frustrating, but in the end the gain is far from negligible and your patience will be quickly rewarded.

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