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iPhone: how to prevent location from appearing in photos

Hide photo location on iPhone. (photo: laSexta)

When take photos with a iPhone, they generally store metadata along with image details. Among them, you have the date and the place of capture. The latter would not be a problem, were it not for the fact that when images are shared via iMessage either air dropthis information is transferred to another device.

Of course this can compromise the privacy of the user if you do not want someone to know a particular place. Fortunately, it is a function that can be disabled on the iPhone, and that is what TechMarkup will show to do in this note.


In this tutorial, there are two options. The first is to allow the iPhone to store the location of the photo without anyone else seeing it while transferring it to other devices. The second alternative is to completely prevent the iPhone from saving this information. The latter, although radical, it is probably the safer of the two.

Remove location of photos when sending to another iPhone


This is the first step of the tutorial. Here it will be shown how to share images, but prevent the location from being attached.

However, it will still be added each time a photo is taken with the iPhone, so the experience on the device will be exactly the same.

1. Open the app Photos on an iPhone or iPad.

2. Select the images you want to send to the other device.

3. Touch the button to share.

4. At the top of the share window, you will see the sharing feature. Options. You have to touch it.

5. In the section Includeturn off the switch Location.

6. Tap on Clever.

7. Proceed to share the images via iMessage or AirDrop as usual.

Hide photo location on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Hide photo location on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

It is worth remembering that when sending images from the iPhone via WhatsApp or similar services, location data is not usually added.

This usually happens among the services Manzana who send the photo with all their information, including the resolution.

So you can turn off location completely when taking photos

1. Open the menu Settings on an iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to Privacy.

3. Here, enter Location.

4. Later, enter Camera.

5. Select option Never.

Now when you take a photo, iPhone no longer stores location data. So no matter who you want to share an image with, they will not receive this information under any circumstances.

Hide photo location on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Hide photo location on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

How to turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm with Siri

The first condition is that the other’s iPhone or iPad is/are in the same iCloud family. That is, there will be no effect if you want to turn off the stranger alarm, they must be members of the family unit and use the same account. ‘Apple Family’.

Once the devices are configured within the option ‘In family’, only you have to ask Siri from any other set up device in the same household to silence the alarm on another device.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Mac either HomePod. The only requirement is that the devices, both the one that rings and the one in your hand, are from the same ‘Family’.

Turn off alarm with Siri. (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Turn off alarm with Siri. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

Now, whenever a person wakes up to a constant alarm that is not theirs, while their owner is in the shower and does nothing to stop their iPhone from constantly ringing, simply say: “Hey Siri, turn off the alarm on Jose Arana’s iPhone” (or whoever’s iPhone name) and ready.

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