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iPhone: How to Blur Faces in Videos in 30 Seconds

iPhone: How to Blur Faces in Videos
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Would you like to blur videos directly on your iPhone before uploading them to YouTube or TikTok? Here are the steps to follow.

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You’ve probably noticed it: it’s very easy on the iPhone to blur, cross out, or annotate all or part of an image. But for videos, it’s a different story: there is no native tool. This would be very useful though – since almost everyone has a video camera in their pocket, and it often happens that people do not want to appear without their knowledge on YouTube, TikTok and other social networks and sharing platforms after a party or event.


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In this quick tutorial, we offer you a simple and above all very fast method to blur faces and text in videos, directly on your iPhone, so that you can very quickly send videos on the internet while respecting everyone’s choice. in terms of image and privacy. The app we’re using in this tutorial is called Blur-Video. It is mostly ad-supported (hence the in-app ads).

How to Blur Faces in Video on iPhone

Blur-Video has the advantage of being free and allowing you to blur faces without limits and without conditioning the functionality on the purchase of an option.

To blur faces in a video:

  • Download Blur-Video (Alan Cushway) from the Apple App Store by clicking here
  • Launch Blur-Video and allow the app to access all your photos and videos
  • When you launch the app for the first time, a popup appears – tap  Allow access to all photos
  • Before going any further, go to the app settings and change the video quality to  High  and the file format to  MP4
  • Close Settings
  • Press  Start  and select the video
  • Go to the very beginning of the timeline
  • Tap  Add Blur at the bottom left to start blurring faces (which can be materialized either by a classic blur or a pixel effect)
  • Move the blur item over the desired face (you can change its shape, size and intensity if needed)
  • Tap  Keyframe at the bottom of the screen
  • Move forward a bit, move the blur item so it stays on the face
  • Repeat the operation until the end of the video so that the blur always remains in the desired area
  • When done, tap save to create a censored version of your video in your Photos


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Of course, the first time it will probably take you a little time, but with practice blurring videos using this method turns out to be very fast. For the time being, we can regret the absence of an auto-tracking feature for faces, which would make blurring even simpler and faster – we only find this type of option for the moment in professional applications (paying).

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