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iPhone: how long should the device be charged for the first time

Whenever you buy a device Again, there is a theory that says that it is advisable to charge for many hours the mobile for the first time. This belief has some truth for some technological devices, but with a iPhone this is completely wrong.


Although there are those who think that the first charge of the telephone from Manzana must be connected between 9 and 12 hours, this is unnecessary and could otherwise be harmful.

For this reason, TechMarkup has prepared this article to deny the myths that say that if the phone is not charged for a long time, the battery life could decrease.

How the charging system works on an iPhone


Being lithium batteries, they do not have the memory effect. In a nutshell, it means that they can be recharged at any time, managing to charge an iPhone without waiting for the battery to completely discharge. These battery types always work for different charge cycles.

In this case, cycles will always end when the battery capacity is depleted to 100%, but not after a single charge.


The clearest example that applies is the following: a user has used 75% of its charge during the day, it is normal to fully charge it at night. In this case, if 25% is used the next day, a 100% discharge will have finally been used, which will eventually result in a complete cycle.

Each of the batteries has had a set number of cycles since leaving the factory. Of course, if these cycles end up being consumed, the autonomy of the device will be compromised.

This is one of the factors that must be known today to take into account the status of the battery, which is displayed within the operating system in the applicationSettings’ > ‘Battery’ > ‘Condition’.


But also keep in mind that Apple’s battery is always designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after many full charge cycles. Likewise, several protection systems are integrated to always limit the charge to 80% when the battery is above the recommended temperature. This is a process that always aims to increase shelf life.

How long should the iPhone charge for the first time?

Once all the previous information is taken into account, it can be explained about battery management as such. It has been shown that there are many differences between today’s batteries and those that were developed a few years ago.

In this case there is no type of memory effect and therefore it is advisable to avoid old advice or quotes that could always be heard. At the moment, lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged or fully discharged beforehand.

Therefore, the first time an iPhone is connected to the power, it can be as many hours as you want. Especially Apple smartphones that are of the latest generation, since they have a battery system that, when it reaches 100%, will stop passing current to the device.

However, the really important thing is do not wait for the cell phone to discharge completely to reconnect it to power. An example of intervals is that the user at least let the iPhone have 40% battery, and stop charging at 90%.

Two errors that consume excessive battery

TechMarkup also brings some bad habits that can drain your battery very quickly in the use that is given to an iPhone daily:

1. Close apps: It may seem counterintuitive, but closing an app drains an iPhone’s battery.

The reason is very simple, the system saves a large part of the application execution in memory. Therefore, closing the app forces the device to spend energy to free up memory and, most importantly, consumes battery power to restore it from memory when you start the app again.

2. Do not use low power mode: With this mode activated, the consumption of iPhone will be significantly reduced. Not using it will shorten the battery life.

In order to avoid it, it is better to activate it as soon as it is found that the battery will not be able to last until the next charge, but especially if iPhone battery drops below 20 or 10%.

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