iPhone: here’s what to do if the battery drains too quickly


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iPhone: here's what to do if the battery drains too quickly

These days the tech forums around the world are full of complaints from owners of iPhones; it seems that, after the latest software update for iPhones (iOS 16.5), the battery of the devices drops for no reason. There are many customers who complain of a poor autonomy of their gadget after installing the update. But what could have been the reason? What is going on? We try to take stock of the situation.

iPhone with abnormal battery drain? Here’s what it depends on

It appears that Apple is aware of the problem and is investigating the cause; in a nutshell, it seems to have really been a bug in iOS 16.5. In this regard, to remedy (temporarily) the criticality, the company has given its users a series of suggestions to solve the problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  • restart the iPhone;
  • update all apps;
  • turn off features you are not using;
  • manually adjust the brightness of the screen.

If the battery drain persists, you should contact Apple technical support. But what exactly does it depend on? To this day no one knows, however there are some explanations for it.

The bug could be related to some background process or to one of the new features that seems to be more energy-intensive than the others. Dulcis in fundo, there may also have been a critical bug. Alternatively, if you still want to buy a powerful apple phone with a really generous battery, we advise you to buy the wonderful iPhone 14 Plus which, in its 128 GB iteration and in light blue colour, you can take home for only €949.00, shipping included. Understand that this is a truly exceptional saving; be quick if you are interested because at this price it could be snapped up at any moment: stocks could run out soon and the offer could end soon.

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