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iPhone: guide to activate the new response in the keyboard of iOS 16

Keyboard haptic feedback in iOS 16. (photo: Teknófilo)
Keyboard haptic feedback in iOS 16. (photo: Teknófilo)

One of the integrations that comes with iOS 16 is the capacity of use the haptic engine iphone to “bring life” to typing on the keyboard.

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Thanks to this feature, every time the device is touched, a fairly light but precise vibration is emitted. Thus, Manzana You have tried to improve the experience of an activity that is done every day without paying much attention to it.

Yes, it is known that Android has had it for years. However, thanks to the quality touch engine included in the iPhone, users will be able to find one of the most interesting functions that Cupertino has implemented in recent years. If you have already upgraded to iOS 16, you can activate this feature without any problem.

When activated, the iPhone emits a small but satisfying vibration. It is almost like touching the tip of one finger with the tip of the other. If you don’t like it, there is always the option to turn it off.

However, this option can be ideal for people who want to get a “feedback” from the keyboard with each keystroke, and so do not depend on having the iPhone with the sound activated.

Activate the haptic feedback function on the keyboard with iOS 16

This proposal is compatible with all iPhone devices that are capable of updating to iOS 16. By default it is disabled and that is why today TechMarkup will show how to quickly enable it in the device:

1. Open the app Settings of the iPhone with iOS 16.

2. Scroll through the menu until you see the option Sounds and vibration. Enter here.

3. Now look at the bottom Keyboard vibration.

4. In this section you will see two different switches. One allows you to activate or deactivate the keyboard sound, and the other the haptic response. Activate the latter while with the other button you can do whatever you want.

Activate haptic keyboard in iOS 16. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Activate haptic keyboard in iOS 16. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

Now is the time to try this new feature in iOS 16. Simply go to any app that allows text input. Gradesfor instance.

Open the keyboard and now it’s just a matter of typing. You will feel a slight “tap” on your fingers each time a key is pressed, almost like the classic “tick” sound that the keyboard makes when typing. it would have become a physical sensation.

Other iOS 16 news left by WWDC 2022

New lock screen on iphone, both aesthetically and functionally. Both the color and the font can be customized. There will be different styles so you can choose the one you like the most.

You can also put widgets inside lock screen, to have the most important information without having to unlock the device. You can even create different home screens to vary between them whenever you want.

(photo: Apple)
(photo: Apple)

Also, there is a new notification management on the locked screen and a new API for developers, thought of live activities that can always be updated with the screen locked.

The focus mode extends to the locked screen, allowing you to further customize it. You’ll also be able to filter the content you see in apps, so you’ll be able to really focus on the task at hand.

There are also news in messages app, as it will allow users to edit the messages sent.

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