iPhone: Apple Prepares Wireless Data Restoration System.


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Wireless Data Restoration

The advent of technology has urged everyone in the world to think critically in the designing process of any product. Apple is the biggest tech company in the world has always been found working in revolutionizing mobile design. Additionally, Apple has never liked the idea of any kind of port in its mobiles, be it data ports, charging ports, or audio jack. In a recent development, Apple has written a 92 pages long report to the European Union in protest. It was for approval of the adoption of a universal charging system/port for any mobile that will be selling in the European Union jurisdiction. This has infuriated Apple and in the meantime, it has landed dream of portless mobiles of Apple in hot waters. So in this document, Apple has urged the European Union to look over this issue again. Apple has explained the significance of the Wireless Data Restoration system.

Wireless Data Restoration
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Universal Charging System:

At present, the adoption of a universal charging system is mandatory for any smartphone selling company selling its mobiles in Europe. Because it is approved by the commission and that’s a problem for iPhone now. Apple has significantly worked in introducing a Wireless Data Restoration without any port for anything. Till now iPhone is still been found working on the adoption of a port with less experience. Otherwise, it would have not introduced induction charging in iPhone 12 launched in the mid-2020. But at the same time, iPhone 12 has also a charging port hence that clarifies Apple’s reluctance of removing ports as it would have not made it into the European market then (the biggest selling market for Apple).

There are few other things that Apple still has to look at despite allowing charging and synchronization wirelessly. Because the connection through a wire is a must during those functions and one of them is the “RESTORATION OF IPHONE’S DATA WIRELESSLY”.

Until now as you may already know to carry out this process. One has to connect iPhone to the pc via cable something. It would no longer be available in the future if the iPhone adopts the norm of port fewer mobiles. The same problem has also occurred with the APPLE’S SMARTWATCH” in the past.  It has faced severe criticism over the issue of restoration of data, so iPhone somehow has to cater to this problem as quickly as it can.

Three proposed methods of Wireless Data Restoration System:

  1. User manually activates the restoration process via the internet through the iTunes function and when it detects the device it will start the restoration and the user can dictate the process throughout.
  2. Second, the device automatically starts the restoration process. It informs the user so he can make changes if necessary or can also manage the process.
  3. The third one is the same as the 2nd one but this process will work through Bluetooth without needing internet.

Security Risk Analysis:

Due to security risks apple has already eradicated the third process and working on the first two. Recently it has entered the prototyping phase of introducing the function of restoration of data wirelessly.

However, this does not clarify whether iPhone 13 would be equipped with ports or not. But one thing is to confirm Apple is working on wireless experience. At the same time urging the European Union to allow the to adopt the norm. Would you like to have ports/slots on your phone or not?

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