iPhone: Apple is fined for the lack of a charger, a first!

Remember, at the start of the 2020 school year, Apple presented its brand new iPhone 12 range. Smartphones with a revisited look, with a brilliant technical sheet, but which also signed a great first, namely the fact of being marketed without any charger . Apple then evoked ecological concerns, when some believe that this decision has allowed the American giant to save millions of dollars, in addition to accelerating the sale of certain accessories .


A fine for Apple in Brazil

Still, Apple continued this initiative with the iPhone 13 launched at the end of last year, just like with the Apple Watch, these products being all sold without any charging block, being satisfied with a simple cable. Lightning. For many months now, this decision has been controversial, but has not prevented some competitors from following in Apple’s footsteps.

In Brazil, a customer who purchased a new iPhone decided to file a complaint against the giant Apple. The latter indeed considered that Apple was infringing the law in force in the country, and in particular article 39 of the Consumer Code, which is very strict with regard to the practices known as “forced sale“.


A Brazilian judge has just ruled in favor of the plaintiff, thereby condemning Apple. “This is a forced sale by concealment or upside down, an abusive and illegal commercial practice, undermining the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code” explains local justice. Also, Apple was ordered to pay around 1000 euros to the plaintiff.

It remains to be seen now how the American brand will react to this new court decision, which could obviously lead other customers to file a complaint in turn against Apple. Recall that Brazilian regulators have been investigating for a few months now, and that the American company had already been ordered to pay a fine of 2 million dollars in the country.

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