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iPhone 15 Pro: there will be no solid-state buttons, confirmed

iPhone 15 Pro: there will be no solid-state buttons, confirmed

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It is now confirmed: even Apple’s suppliers suggest that iPhone 15 Pro it will not feature solid-state buttons on the case. The new flagship therefore, will be very similar to the previous iteration. This is why, in our opinion, it is worth buying the 2022 model at the discounted price of only €1149.00shipping included.

iPhone 15 Pro: A traditional design, it seems

We learn today, in a letter sent to shareholders by supplier Cirrus Logic, that the next-gen flagships will not feature solid-state keys as has been suggested for some time. Here are the words reported in the document:

“That said, among the HPMS opportunities we’ve discussed, a new product we’ve mentioned in previous shareholder letters as scheduled for introduction this fall is no longer expected to hit the market as expected. As we currently have limited visibility into our customers’ future plans for this product, we are removing the revenue associated with this component from our internal model.”

The supplier then added:

“We continue to engage with a key customer and expect to bring a new HPMS component to market in smartphones next year.”

To date we read that Apple is the largest buyer of this brand and – estimates in hand – helped the company earn 79% of revenue in the previous year. Ultimately, Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley also suggest that 2023 iPhones won’t have buttons with the new technology. It seems that there were major technical problems that prevented an imminent release.

However, we will see a new audio selector, very similar to the action key that we find in the Apple Watch Ultra. Dulcis in fundo, we will have a back with slightly rounded corners and a photographic compartment with lenses flush with the body. What do you think about it?

Source: MacRumors

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