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iPhone 15 Pro Max will have 6X optical zoom

iPhone 15 Pro Max will have 6X optical zoom

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iPhone 15 Pro Max could feature a periscope lens with up to 6X optical zoom; to say it, a new rumor just emerged on the net. This should mean a nice upgrade from the current telephoto sensor with up to 3X optical zoom and a focal length of 77mm. However, the leaks suggest that only the 6.7-inch iteration will have this particular technology. The 6.1 ″ model, on the other hand, will be devoid of it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: it will be a super cameraphone

Let’s go back a few months; in fact, last July, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had reiterated that soon Apple would equip its flagships with a periscopic lens with incredible zoom capabilities. Let’s understand each other, we won’t be at the extreme levels of Samsung, but it will certainly be a big step forward for all those users who would like a longer sensor on board their iPhone. With the technology of the apple you will get sharp and non-blurry images even at a long distance.

But how does a periscope lens work? It’s very simple: the light is absorbed by the sensor and is “bent” (forget the term) to allow a greater distance between the elements present in the smartphone camera. There are already many brands that use it on their devices: Samsung, Google, Huawei and more. When will we see the new phones from Cupertino? As always, not before September. Stay connected with us.

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Source: MacRumors

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