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iPhone 15 may have 15W recharge in accessories without MagSafe certification

Apple may implement an improvement in wireless charging for the iPhone 15 by increasing the charging speed with non-MagSafe certified accessories. The information was found on the Korean blog aggregator Naver, which gave more details about the novelty.

According to the latest details, Apple would allow recharges of up to 15 W with accessories that do not have the MFM certification (Made for MagSafe, in free translation). Charging is currently limited to 7.5 W under these conditions, increasing to 15 W only with approved adapters.

This requirement has been seen since the launch of technology on Apple cell phones, which occurred with the iPhone 12 in 2020. However, the expected change may be related to Apple’s collaboration on a new charging protocol, which looks like MagSafe but will be universal for smartphones.

This is the Qi2, the next generation of wireless charging developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The project aims to offer a magnetic structure that fits perfectly to allow the alignment of wireless charging components, which should increase the practicality of recharges on Android devices.

If the rumor is confirmed, it will be a curious position by Apple regarding battery charging on the iPhone 15 line. file transference.

The brand’s new series of cell phones should be the first to bring the USB-C interface like that of Android devices, instead of the traditional Lightning seen in previous generations. The decision was taken based on new rules implemented by the European Union, with the aim of increasing standardization between mobile devices.

A specific date for the launch of the iPhone 15 line has not yet been announced, but it is likely that the models will arrive during the month of September. However, rumors have already cited possible camera aspects of the devices, in addition to showing likely design details.

Source: Naver

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