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iPhone 14: this rumor about the design will not please you

iPhone 14 design rumor
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Although the iPhone 14 series will not be released until September, there are already many rumors circulating about it. And according to some sources, this year Apple will start getting rid of the notch.

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Instead of this notch, which has become iconic, on some models, Apple would put two notches on the screen: a bubble and a pill. Indeed, the Cupertino company has decided to keep its FaceID facial recognition module , which is positioned on the front, in addition to the camera for selfies.

Images allegedly showing how the screen design of iPhones without notches have already circulated on the web. And for the moment, it is debated.


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In addition, it is possible that this new design will not solve the problems of clutter that we currently have with the notch of the iPhone 13 . In any case, that’s what is suggested by a video that was recently posted by youtuber Jon Prosser, a source some of whose previous information later verified.

In his video, Prosser relays a post that appeared on Chinese social network Weibo that reveals what the notchless iPhone faceplate might look like. He corroborates this info, indicating that he was able to check with his own sources.

However, according to this leak on the Chinese social network, the bubble and the pill that will replace the notch on the next models would be larger than we thought. Indeed, in the images that had appeared so far, these two holes, for the front camera and for the FaceID module, were smaller.

In order to highlight the difference in size, Jon Prosser made an image overlay. And this one seems pretty important.

Of course, as usual, this information is not official. And for this reason, they must be considered with the greatest caution. Unfortunately, it is not specified whether this is the front of the iPhone 14 Pro or that of the standard model. But many sources indicate that normally there will still be a notch on the faceplate of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, while iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would have a notchless design.


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In any case, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple finally abandoned the notch, since it’s been a while since manufacturers of Android smartphones abandoned this design. But Apple’s problem is that the Cupertino company uses facial recognition, but not fingerprint scanners. And because of this, the firm must find a location for the FaceID sensors. Rumors suggest that later these sensors could be hidden under the screen.


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