iPhone 14 Pro: How does it work and what is Dynamic Island?

Apple presented yesterday (7) the iPhone 14 line, highlighting the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with several new features in camera, features and performance. But the great visual attraction was left to the Dynamic Island (or “Dynamic Island” in Portuguese), which replaces the notch offering a new way of interacting with the system, transforming the cutout into a useful area and displaying details without interrupting the screen.

  • Apple launches iPhone 14 as the biggest evolution of the last five years
  • iOS 16 arrives on September 12 alongside watchOS 9

In Apple’s words, “Dynamic Island brings fun and functionality together in a whole new way, putting your notifications, alerts and activities in an interactive space.” The unique feature of the Pro models is built into iOS 16 and chats with apps, displaying call details, music, timer, game scores and more at the top of the display.

What is iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island replaces the traditional notch with a pill-shaped notch that talks to the operating system (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

As its name suggests, the “Dynamic Island” is the pill-shaped region positioned at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max display.

On the page for developers and even on the dedicated page for the iPhone 14 Pro we see that the notch is actually made up of two cutouts: a smaller pill-shaped one and another circular one for the front camera.

The “magic” happens in iOS 16, where the system disables the pixels between both cutouts and creates a single, homogeneous notch so that we only see the Dynamic Island at the top of the display.

How does Dynamic Island work?

Dynamic Island in action (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

Replacing the notch, Dynamic Island offers deep integration with the operating system. The dark region can expand sideways and down to display iPhone and accessory battery details, phone calls, voice recorder, directions and distances in the Maps app, music and album art, as well as identifying payment via Face ID and a lot more.

With one touch the user is taken to the application displayed on Dynamic Island. When pressed for a second, Dynamic Island expands and displays more detail of what happens, allowing you to pause, skip or rewind music, end calls, view traffic details, AirPods battery, flight information and more.

iPhone 14 Pro arrives in Brazil from R$ 9,499

iPhone 14 Pro will arrive in Brazil from R$9,499 (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

Dynamic Island is available exclusively on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. More apps should offer integration with the notch in the coming months after the arrival of iOS 16, which will have public release next Monday (12).

The iPhone 14 Pro will soon arrive in Brazil with prices starting at R$9,499. Check out all the main news presented by Apple at this Wednesday’s event.

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