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iPhone 14 Pro: 7 tricks to take advantage of the Dynamic Island function

Dynamic Island. (photo: Apple)

With the iPhone 14 Pro Y ProMax, Manzana introduced what many believe will be the hallmark of the next generation of the iPhone. And it is that users went from seeing the famous notch (which the bitten apple put up in its last smart phones) a Dynamic Island.


For this reason, from TechMarkup some tricks to dominate Dynamic Island in the iPhone 14 Pro family. And this small device not only serves to hide the front camera and show an obvious design change with the rest of the family of these smartphones.

Otherwise, information is also displayed in that area without having to enter the application that is in the background such as the browser, music or timer. But beyond being seen as an aesthetic tool, it can be most useful if the user knows how to take advantage of it.


1. Touch and hold

How can it be otherwise, you have to start with the basics. And it is that Dynamic Island can be used three waysand knowing it from the beginning will make the use of the system much more productive. cell phone.


What everyone will do for the first time when interacting with this novelty is make a short press, a touch, as if it were another application. So if you have a music player in the background, for example, and you see an animation in Dynamic Island, tapping on it will take the user to the music app.

It is like a shortcut to the said app in the background. However, the most interesting thing is hold down the Dynamic Island, because it opens a context menu (depending on the application) that allows you to perform certain actions. Continuing with the music app example, you can control playback.

The third way to use it is passive form, just looking at what app or apps you have running in the background on the Dynamic Island, because some of them will give information about that app, like a timer.

2. Place two apps

Continuing with the basics, you have to know that you can place two applications in the background in Dynamic Island. You can touch and hold each app to display its details.

The downside, though, is that you can’t drag or change the apps displayed there if you have three or more open that support Dynamic Island.

So if you open three Dynamic Island-enabled apps and they’re sent to the background, the last two will show up in this feature.

Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Pixabay)
Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Pixabay)

3. Control calls

When a call is received and the phone is locked, the call is displayed in full screen as usual, but when using the smartphone, it is displayed in Dynamic Island. From this mode you can control the call, turn on the speaker and so on, but you can also use gestures to perform certain actions.

If a call comes in and you don’t want to answer it, you can reject the call by sliding the Dynamic Island towards up. The person will not be hung up, the call will only be sent to a minimal space at the top of the iPhone.

If you want to hide the caller in addition to rejecting the call, just slide your finger to the left to display a phone icon.

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4. Getting to Dynamic Island with greater accessibility

It wasn’t available at launch, but with iOS 16.1Apple introduced the ability to “scroll down” Dynamic Island to make it more accessible

However, if you don’t want or can’t do this gesture, simply minimize the iPhone screen to use one-handed mode to access Dynamic Island. To do this, slide your finger down on the dock to scroll the entire screen.

Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Apple)
Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Apple)

5. Minibrowser at the top

When the user is using a browser to drive or travel, the application is in full screen mode, and all one can do is look at the interface. However, if you put the navigation app in the background, it will go to Dynamic Island and a little arrow shows the direction all the time.

Waze either google maps It shows an arrow but doesn’t allow you to interact as much. Nevertheless, Apple Maps it is very well integrated. In addition to a small arrow with more accurate information in real time, more accurate readings are obtained by long pressing the island and again without going to the application.

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6. Check iPhone and AirPods battery

It has probably happened to many people that they have put their iPhone to charge many times and it turns out that the cable was wrong, the extension cord was not connected, or there was not an effective contact for charging. Well, with Dynamic Island it happens less, because when you start to charge the cell phone it gets bigger and shows the percentage and its charge.

In addition, and really more useful, Dynamic Island allows you to very quickly check the battery of devices such as AirPods.

Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Pixabay)
Dynamic Island functions. (photo: Pixabay)

7. Screen mirroring

The last one, and without being an interactive trick, is used to know the status of some small sections of the iPhone.

In this case it is the duplicate screen. When this option is used to send content to a Apple TV or to a compatible TV, a dual screen icon will appear on the island. This way you can turn off the system if the user accidentally logs out and continues sharing.

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