iPhone 14 Plus has the largest battery in the lineup, certifications show


Apple does not usually identify the battery capacity of its devices during its events, or in official technical sheets. However, the information was revealed in a certification from a Chinese regulatory body, which provided details of all models in the iPhone 14 line.

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As expected, devices of similar sizes come with modules of similar capacity. This is the case of the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max, with 4,325 mAh and 4,323 mAh, respectively. Interestingly, the more robust model has practically the same capacity as the “non-Pro” version, even bringing a set of cameras that takes up more internal space and more powerful hardware.

iPhone 14 models Drums iPhone 13 models Drums
iPhone 14 3,279 mAh iPhone 13 3,227 mAh
iPhone 14 Plus 4,325 mAh iPhone 13 Mini 2,406 mAh
iPhone 14 Pro 3,200 mAh iPhone 13 Pro 3,095 mAh
iPhone 14 Pro Max 4,323 mAh iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,352 mAh

The same goes for the most compact smartphones in the series, which also have slight differences from each other. The iPhone 14 has 3,279 mAh and the iPhone 14 Pro has a 3,200 mAh tank, thus showing a greater discrepancy than seen in the larger models.

iPhone 14 Plus has slightly larger battery than iPhone 14 Pro Max (Image: Handout/Apple)

Even if the values ​​are lower than those seen in direct competitors with Android, autonomy should remain competitive. After all, the iOS operating system requires less energy use, as well as several components produced by Apple itself – at the event on the 7th, the company promised “the best battery ever”.


In addition, the iPhone 14 Plus screen should also have a lower power consumption, as it is limited to 60 Hz while the iPhone 14 Pro line can reach 120 Hz – even though the more expensive models allow the reduction of the frequency to 1 Hz on static content.

Only the iPhone 14 Pro Max had a battery reduction compared to its direct predecessor: the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 4,352 mAh tank, which is 29 mAh larger. This figure is still 27 mAh higher than the iPhone 14 Plus.

The listing identified in China also points out the capacities in watt-hours:

iPhone 14 models Drums iPhone 13 models Drums
iPhone 14 12.68 Wh iPhone 13 12.41 Wh
iPhone 14 Plus 16.68 Wh iPhone 13 Mini 9.34 Wh
iPhone 14 Pro 12.38 Wh iPhone 13 Pro 11.97 Wh
iPhone 14 Pro Max 16.68 Wh iPhone 13 Pro Max 16.75 Wh

iPhone 14 will arrive soon


The iPhone 14 series devices are already in the pre-sale phase in the United States and other countries, with deliveries starting on September 16th — with the exception of the iPhone 14 Plus, which arrives on October 7th. In Brazil, a forecast for the start of sales has not yet been released.

Source: 91Mobiles

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