iPhone 14 may have satellite communication for emergencies

Rumors that the iPhone 14 could debut with satellite communication technology for emergencies have been circulating for several months behind the scenes at Apple. This week, analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, trusted sources on Apple affairs, brought updates on the possible new feature of smartphones and even the Apple Watch.

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According to the article by Ming-Chi Kuo in the Medium, the frequent natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts in recent years show the need for satellite communication to become a mandatory technology in cell phones. The function will allow users to send text and voice messages during an emergency in areas with no cell signal.

The analyst comments that Apple carried out and completed hardware tests related to this communication format before the start of mass production of the iPhone 14. However, the service still depends on Apple and operators being able to create a beneficial business model for both. parts.

Furthermore, Kuo cites that development of the technology for satellite communication was completed before the launch of the iPhone 13. However, as the business model had not yet been discussed, the feature was not added to phones released in 2021.

Satellite communication capability will not be an iPhone exclusive (Image: LetsGoDigital/TechnizoConcept)

New will not be exclusive

The analyst says he does not have a forecast for the launch of support for satellite communication. However, he believes this will eventually happen due to recent upheavals that have taken place in the industry.

Kuo cites that MediaTek has already conducted demonstrations of sending messages via satellite with smartphones with 5G technology. As well, Huawei is expected to introduce the new Mate 50 series with satellite emergency message service via the BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite) system.

All this proves that this should be a staple feature on smartphones in the future, and obviously Apple intends to include it on iPhones. So, the brand is considering closing a partnership with the operator GlobalStar and creating an ecosystem of satellite services.

In addition to the iPhone, satellite communication capability may reach the Apple Watch (Image: Victor Carvalho/Canaltech)

Going beyond the iPhone

in the newsletter Power On This week, Mark Gurman suggests that the space-themed artwork from the “Far Out” event could be a hint at the inclusion of satellite communication in the iPhone 14. So, the feature internally dubbed “Satellite Emergency Messaging” would be revealed along to new phones on the 7th of September.

The journalist cites that the technology would be an evolution of the current iPhone and Apple Watch function that calls emergency services and provides the user’s location. So Apple would be planning something that would combine 5G networks and satellite communication so the phone can serve as a global relief tool.

Gurman also says that Apple would be internally discussing extending the feature to the Apple Watch. The service would become one of the attractions of future versions of the alleged Apple Watch Pro variant, aimed at practitioners of extreme sports.

Finally, complementing what was said by Kuo, the expert cites the possible partnership between Apple and GlobalStar. So, he highlights that the telecommunications company is laying the groundwork for “an important new initiative” to be launched in 2022.

Source: Medium/Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg

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