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iPhone 14: How to use the ProRAW function to take photos in high resolution

The new iPhone 14s have the ability to take high-resolution photos with the ProRAW function. (Manzana)

One of the most important characteristics of the new models of iPhone 14 that includes its regular version, Plus, Pro and Pro Max, is the capacity that the cameras of devices to create high resolution photos with the function ProRAWintegrated within the smartphones.

This technology fully utilizes the phone’s capabilities to capture images at a resolution of 8064×6048 with its integrated lens 48MP and, in addition, it allows to take Photographs in environments with low lighting in good resolution without generating noise in the final result.

How to activate the ProRAW function on the iPhone 14

While most of the time users will have an active resolution of 12MP due to the sensor of the cameras of the devicesby enabling this functionality, users will be able to achieve better results in their photographs.

For that, these steps must be followed:

– Enter the application Settings on the device.

– press the option Camera.

– Click on the option Formats inside the menu.

– Activate the function of Apple ProRAW.

– To indicate that you want the maximum resolution when capturing the images, you must choose the option 48MP within the ProRAW function.

– Once the camera options are configured, users can enter the app Camera and press the button rawwhich will be located at the top of the screen.

Most of the time users will have 12 MP resolution active, but it is possible to activate the ProRAW option and take photos up to 48 MP.  (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)
Most of the time users will have 12 MP resolution active, but it is possible to activate the ProRAW option and take photos up to 48 MP. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

Once all this process is done, the user will be able to take Photographs with high resolution with the function ProRAW. However, it is necessary to indicate that the processing of the images This quality takes a few seconds instead of being immediate, as is the default image capture in iPhone.

The delay is due to the number of operations required to complete the prosecution of the image, but it does not represent a difficulty when using the device. To check the details of the Photography it will only be necessary to enter the ‘i’ button in any of the images of the app of Photos.

An additional detail for users and that should not be overlooked is that the photographs taken by the devices with this option enabled can have a size of up to 100MB because the quality due to the large quantity of information that was recorded at the time it was taken.

That is why the main beneficiaries of this functionality are people dedicated to the world of Photographywho require a higher resolution in the images to be able to work on them.

Camera crash when using social media apps

Several users came to report that, at least in the iPhone 14 ProMax there is a bug that generates a shaky image when using the camera in third-party applications such as those of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTokin addition to emitting a sound similar to that of a buzz by the device.

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Video From Content Creator Luke Milani About Device Camera Error

Professionals specialized in technology and content creators They recorded videos in which the cameras of the devices could be seen making accelerated and uncontrolled movements.

According to the 9to5mac website, it is highly likely that this problem in smartphones of Manzana is happening because the applications of the social networks that have been affected “were not prepared for the changes in the camera of the iPhone 14″.


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