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iPhone 14: eSim model and another with a physical slot?

iPhone 14 eSim model
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One eSIM-only model and another with an old-school SIM slot. This is what Apple would have in mind to give more options to buyers of the future iPhone 14.

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First introduced in 2018 on the iPhone XR and XS, eSIM technology is now commonplace on the iPhone, but it is still offered in addition to a physical SIM slot to offer dual-SIM to users. This could partly evolve on the iPhone 14, expected in September 2022.

Towards an iPhone 14 model without a traditional SIM slot?

A document sent to AppleInsider by Emma Mohr-McClune, analyst at GlobalData, tells us that Apple would plan to offer two distinct models of iPhone 14: a first 100% eSIM and a second more traditional, with a classic SIM slot.


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An eSIM-only iPhone has always been a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, but until now we haven’t given enough thought to the ‘how’ “, explains Emma Mohr-McClune.

We don’t think Apple will take the “big bang” approach of ditching legacy systems and moving all users to eSIM. Instead, we believe it will launch an eSIM-only variant of its new model, while retaining the dual-slot eSIM + physical SIM model for the mass market. (…)”, she continues.

Maintaining an iPhone 14 with a classic SIM slot would allow Apple not to rush things too much. As pointed out WCCFTech, the operators of certain countries do not yet offer the eSIM to their customers.

Rumors suggest that Apple will add a new design to the iPhone 14 series, either by removing the notch cutout or by introducing a new “punch-hole” style. According to reports, the corporation will discontinue the tiny version of its iPhones and replace them with a Plus version of the normal device. Expect camera and CPU enhancements, as usual.

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Source: WCCFTech

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