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iPhone 14 and the latest details that are known before its launch

The official presentation of the iPhone 14 will take place on September 7. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Manzana is only a few days away from officially showing the world its new collection of products, and surely the one that stands out the most is the iPhone 14 and its different models, because for some time now Internet users have been talking about the functions of these new devices that promise to be very different from what the public already knew about the brand.

The event in which the official launch will take place will take place on September 7 and will be called “Far Out”. which translates into Spanish as “far from reality”, according to some Internet users this name could be due to the date of the celebration, since in previous years the brand announced these days a week before but this time they did it with 15 days in advance.

For its part, the images designed to promote the event are made up of the typical apple as a constellation in space and some might think that this is to convey futurism on their devices, however, it is a clear reference to the new iOS operating system 16, which includes some photos taken from space to be used as a background on the lock screen. This collection of images is called Astronomy and includes two photos of the Earth, two of the Moon and one of the solar system.

Apple's Far Out event.  (photo: Apple)
Apple’s Far Out event. (photo: Apple)

But this is not the first time that the apple brand has been inspired by its own wallpapers to create the image of its launch events. In 2017 they did it with the presentation of the iPhone X, in October 2018 with the iPad and in 2019, also for September, with the iPhone 11.

The closer the launch date is, the more the characteristics of the new phones are known

For this year, the promotional image of the event not only alludes to the brand’s “wallpapers”, but also to some very special features that these new devices would have, such as satellite tools that would allow emergency messages to be sent more effectively.

The function, which for now will be called “Emergency Messages via Satellite”, would offer its users the possibility of sending SOS alerts to the corresponding authorities from areas without mobile connection coverage, this evidently making use of artificial satellites that orbit the earth .

The satellite services of the <a class=iPhone 14 will improve the quality of communications, not to mention connections to 5G networks (iStock)” height=”1080″ width=”1920″ class=”” src=”” “(min-width: 800px) 50vw, 90vw” loading=”lazy”>
The satellite services of the iPhone 14 will improve the quality of communications, not to mention connections to 5G networks (iStock)

Although satellite services are not limited only to emergency messages in areas without mobile coverage, since it opens the possibility of accessing the Internet globally and having better signal quality in calls because they could be made through new telecommunications technologies. .

With all this, some users on the internet are commenting on different social networks and technology forums that if these functions are real in the iPhone 14, they would become the most powerful cell phones in the world by including access to 5G networks and satellite connections.

As for the photographic section, other rumors speak of improvements in the characteristics of the cameras, which translates into greater performance for night mode shots, also talk about functions for astrophotographysomething that until now only openly included Google.

iPhone 14 would have new cameras and a renewed screen.  (photo: hypertextual)
iPhone 14 would have new cameras and a renewed screen. (photo: hypertextual)

Finally, this launch event will allow for the presence of media broadcasting from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. In addition, the company will also be live telling everything about these new phones. Three new Apple Watch models will also be unveiled, the standard edition, the lower-end SE version and the Pro edition of the wearable.


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