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iPhone 13 pink screens: Apple recommends making a backup

iPhone 13 pink screens
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Some users of iPhone 13 see life in pink, and that’s not good news…

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Indeed, the smartphone can be the victim of a rather surprising bug, which turns the screen pink and is accompanied by various concerns.

I see life in pink…

Launched at the end of last year, the new range of iPhone 13 is obviously a huge hit for Apple. This new series is of course accompanied by the new iOS 15, but some copies today seem to suffer from a rather surprising bug.

Indeed, users (in China in particular) have reported a serious problem with the screen of their precious iPhone 13. The latter would thus tend to turn pink, for no apparent reason. And a restart of the terminal does not necessarily manage to correct the malfunction…

Indeed, some users affected by this pink screen phenomenon indicate that a complete restart of the smartphone, or even an update of the latter, is not able to revive the screen. Worse still, this display bug is accompanied by significant slowdowns sometimes, when the iPhone does not restart itself.


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On the side of Apple, we wanted to react officially to this problem by indicating: “ We haven’t received any relevant notices that this is a hardware issue. Because such a situation usually occurs because the system is blocked. In other words, it’s a lot of a software issue that iPhones affected by this pink screen phenomenon suffer from.

Apple, therefore, invites the users concerned to make a complete backup of their system and to use the most recent version of iOS. It remains to be seen now whether the next iOS 15.3 will take care of permanently correcting this problem.

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