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iPhone 13 mini has better battery life than iPhone 2022

iPhone 13 mini battery

The iPhone 13 mini, like their predecessors the iPhone 12 mini, are clearly not the best sellers of the last two iPhone generations. Quite the opposite of the iPhone SE that Apple has just timidly refreshed with the iPhone SE 2022.

The new device is supposed to be the most affordable entry point to the brand’s latest smartphone offering. However, if you read our test of the iPhone SE 2022, you will quickly understand why the smartphone disappointed us.

Autonomy, another argument against buying an iPhone SE 2022?

Apple retains the fundamentals that have not changed since the iPhone 8. We find the same LCD / IPS backlit screen with XXL borders, the same photo sensors, the same Home button with fingerprint sensor, and still no Face technology ID.


There is of course the new A15 Bionic chip, and a battery a little above 2000 mAh, against 1821 mAh for the battery of the iPhone 8. But at a price above 500 euros, the overall proposition seems quite expensive.

Especially since other smartphones from the ultra-recent lineup compare very favorably to the model. The iPhone 12 mini, or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, all offer better services for an equivalent price. The iPhone 13 mini remains more expensive for the moment.


But the comparison between the iPhone SE 2022 and this model remains relevant, especially if we only compare them on the autonomy side. Indeed, we have the same chip, a slightly more capable battery (around 2400 mAh)… but also more power consumption items.

The iPhone 13 mini lasts longer…

During his last endurance test, youtuber Brandon Butch realized that the iPhone SE 2022 is really not very good on the autonomy side. Of course we could expect the iPhone 13 mini to have better battery life thanks to its more capable battery.

But there is still something disturbing. Because the device offers a screen of different technology, much larger – with a definition of 1080 x 2340 px against 750 x 1334 pixels on the screen of the iPhone SE. Delivering increased definition traditionally consumes significantly more energy.


Both smartphones otherwise have the same A15 Bionic chip, and yet the endurance result is clear:

  • iPhone SE 2022 : 5 hours 16 minutes
  • iPhone 13 mini : 5 hours and 55 minutes

An additional argument to turn you away from the iPhone SE 2022?

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