iPhone 13: buy now or is it better to wait for the launch of the iPhone 14?

With the launch of the iPhone 14 approaching and the amount of rumors about the device, many users wonder if this is still a good time to buy the iPhone 13 or if it is better to wait for the successor.

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Unsurprisingly, Apple manages to deliver top-of-the-line hardware to the market with more advanced hardware than expected. And the company’s challenging strategy delivers a premium long-term experience more efficiently than most models running the Android operating system.

However, the history of improvements in recent years, as well as the leaked information about the Cupertino giant’s new cell phone, begin to question whether buying the 2021 device just before the announcement of its successor is still a good deal, or if waiting to see if the price drops further is the best alternative. Want to know the answer? So check the text!

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2017 design with 2021 hardware

The iPhone 13 is a smartphone that inherits the few changes that Apple has made in recent years. In 2017, the manufacturer announced the iPhone X with a design that went against everything the brand had released so far.

That’s because the product had the famous “fringe” called notch. According to the brand, the purpose of this new design was to eliminate the use of Touch ID via button to make better use of the screen and provide another means of security.

This biometrics is the Face ID, which consists of reading the face based on some specific muscles to be able to identify who really is the iPhone user by unlocking the device.

The size of this screen cutout was to allow the sensors responsible for advanced tracking to have enough space to function flawlessly. And since then, this is the most secure way Apple has found so that its users can feel more protected when entering sensitive data — bank account, passwords, etc — on their iOS phones.

The presence in this clipping caused strangeness when the first units of the device ended up in the hands of users. However, over time, many fans of the manufacturer claimed that this format did not cause discomfort in daily use.

Notch changes for the iPhone 13

At the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple revealed that it would keep the notch on its flagship, but that a small change would be made. As a result, the 2021 model received a 20% reduction in the size of its notch.

Although the change does not represent the “retirement” of this cut, it allowed the device to have a more interesting frontal use. The promise is that there would be more space for notification icons, but most users find this almost imperceptible in practice.

Other Important Features of iPhone 13

It is important to note that the Super Retina XDR OLED display on the iPhone 13 is of great quality. However, it does not represent an attractive evolution when compared to its predecessor iPhone 12.

Even with this repetition of specification on the panel, the manufacturer led by Tim Cook raised the standard maximum brightness present in the display from 625 nits to 800 nits. This makes viewing content in bright environments easier.

Keeping this display was not a mistake for the brand, as there are several positive features that make sense on the screen of this device. As it is OLED, the combination with True Tone technology provides the advantage of a great level of contrast for images.

In addition, the more natural colors than other displays give an attractive fidelity to the user experience. And to that end, the presence of HDR10 also improves the display of streaming content on mobile.

In performance, the A15 Bionic is responsible for the speed and graphics quality delivered by the iPhone 13. With its 5 nm lithography and 6 cores divided into 2 for performance and 4 for efficiency, the device meets the public’s expectations in this regard.

Because it is a smartphone that was built with the best of Apple for the mobile market, any task performed on it is fast. In games, the chipset is one of the best options for those who prefer to explore the most advanced graphics settings of the heaviest games on the market.

And to improve, in 2021 the iPhone line lost the option with 64 GB of internal space. As a result, the 13th generation of the cell phone comes standard with the 128 GB alternative being the most “simple” and “cheapest” among those sold.

Complementing the performance, the company provides 4 GB of RAM. As much as it seems like a simple number when compared to that seen on Android phones, the iOS system is able to efficiently optimize tasks to make this amount of memory enough for the iPhone 13.

More advanced cameras

Fortunately, an unexpected and welcome advance came in the photographic part of the iPhone 13. The top of the line received the same hardware in its main sensor that was applied in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With that, the stabilization settings for filming present in the most premium model of 2020 reach the compact device of 2021. I’m talking about the Sensor Shift, which can now be enjoyed without the user having to spend more than necessary to do so.

In addition, the main camera has 47% more light input for photos. This information comes back as an advantage to the public in the form of sharpness in the images, as the captures are even more instagrammable.

Another positive point present in the camera part of the iPhone 13 is the Cinematic Mode. Despite being focused on specific users, this feature allows footage to have a display format that feels like a cinematic video thanks to fast and dynamic focus.

Rumors about iPhone 14

Although there is not much concrete information about the iPhone 14, it is believed that this line will represent a significant change in Apple models. That’s because the device will receive its first major visual change since 2017.

Fortunately, it looks like Apple will be able to make a coherent reduction in the notch to give the display even more usable space for viewing information. For those who are attached to notifications, this will give them more space, and gamers will have improvements in the visibility of game data, which would normally be adapted to show everything in an area before the clipping.

Possible look of the iPhone 14 (Mockup: Victor Carvalho/Canaltech)

In the specifications part, it is speculated that the iPhone 14 will have 6 GB of RAM and internal storage options that can reach 2 TB. While this information is still very vague, the upgrades make sense for what the public expects from the brand in 2022.

However, the price of this new cell phone at its launch may remain or even be higher than that applied to the predecessor. Due to changes in internal components, it makes sense that this is passed on in the value of the product to the consumer. However, it is still too early to “hit the hammer” and the truth will only be revealed on the day of his announcement.

Buy the iPhone 13 or wait for the iPhone 14 to be released?

Considering all the positive features of the iPhone 13, it is still an option that makes a lot of sense in the mobile market, especially with a focus on long-term use due to a number of factors.

Among them is the great quality screen as it provides a pleasant visual experience for different types of audience. In addition, it has advanced performance that will guarantee smooth usability for at least 3 more years.

Another point that should be mentioned is the longevity that Apple gives to the cell phone with the constant updates of the iOS operating system. Like its predecessors, the device can have access to up to 5 years of updates.

iPhone 13 (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

And, complementing all this, the cameras inherited from the most advanced version of the iPhone 12 line allow the use with the focus on photos and videos to be greatly improved, especially with the insertion of new features via software.

As it is a top of the line, the iPhone 13 is not a cell phone that is easily accessible to everyone, since its price always fluctuates close to R$ 5 thousand. However, with the launch of its successor approaching, the price of the product has risen and this can serve as a warning to those who are looking to buy it.

However, waiting for the launch of the iPhone 14 can serve to make the price of it fall again, as the new top of the line will take its place on the main pages of Apple’s website. With that, it is interesting to wait a few more weeks to buy the iPhone 13 instead of paying more for it now or even paying more than necessary for the iPhone 14.

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