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iPhone: 10+1 Super Useful Hidden Features You Don’t Know About (But You Should)

iPhone: 10+1 Super Useful Hidden Features You Don't Know About (But You Should)

You are sure that you are using the full potential of yours to the fullest iPhones? Test yourself: Check out all of these 10 hidden features, one more useful than the other. Finally, there is a bonuses which will probably be completely new to you! Ready? Here they are all!

iPhone to the max: hidden features you didn’t think about

The iPhone is not only a style icon, it is a powerful concentration of technology. The features of its operating system, the very famous iOShide a myriad of functionality. Authentic gems, which only those who know can make the most of them. Here are 10 of them, but don’t forget the bonus!

1. Quick Control with Your Back Tap

Not everyone knows that with the latest versions of the iPhone, you can activate a function that allows you to control the phone with a double or triple tap on the back. In the accessibility settings, you can customize these actions to match your needs.

2. Siri Shortcuts Built into Apps

With iOS 13 and later, applications can embed Siri Shortcuts. These allow you to perform specific actions in apps with a simple voice command.

3. Search Safari Pages

While browsing the web, you may need to search for a specific word or phrase on a web page. Just type the word or phrase into Safari’s search bar and scroll down to the On Page section to find the results.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many hidden keyboard shortcuts that can help you type faster. For example, hold down the space key to activate the hidden trackpad, which allows you to move the cursor precisely.

5.Live Photo As GIF

You can easily turn your Live Photos into animated GIFs right in the iPhone’s Photos app. Just select the Live Photo, swipe up and choose “Effects”.

6. Measurement with Augmented Reality

The Measure app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone uses augmented reality to measure real objects. Just point the camera at the object and draw a line above it.

7. Night Mode In Front and Back Cameras

Night mode isn’t just for the rear camera. You can also activate it for the front camera in the camera settings.

8. Advanced Photo Editing

The iPhone Photos app offers advanced photo editing tools. You can change the light intensity, contrast, saturation and more directly from the app.

9. Scanned Documents In iPhone Note App

Note app can work as a document scanner. Just create a new note, tap the camera icon and select “Scan Documents”.

10. Control Center customization

The iPhone control center can be customized to include your favorite shortcuts. Go to Settings > Control Center to add or remove items.

hidden features of iPhone-2

Bonus: Turn iPhone a into PC

The feature that I like the most is the one that allows you to make your iPhone very similar to a computer. Indeed, with a accessory which I’ll show you shortly (super cheap) you have a chance to get one USB port to which to connect as many peripherals. External memory, wireless mouse and keyboard, game controllers, cameras and more: everything you want.

A gadget that also boasts the presence of a door lightning: you will be able to keep your smartphone charged, without worrying about it running out of power while you are using the accessory. Right now, come on Amazon you can get it for €10 with free shipping.

An investment that is absolutely worth making, if you want to make yours iPhone more like a PC: it will be even more useful, much more than you imagine!

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