Home Tech News iOS 16 would turn the iPhone into a walktie-talkie

iOS 16 would turn the iPhone into a walktie-talkie

iOS 16 would turn the iPhone into a walktie-talkie
iOS 16 'Push to Talk' feature. (Photo: iPhone in Canada Blog)
iOS 16 ‘Push to Talk’ feature. (Photo: iPhone in Canada Blog)

The APIs (Application Programming Interface) of iOS 16 They are leaving everything on the field. It was recently confirmed that one of them will allow the integration of chrome cast “almost natively” in the operating system of iPhone.

It is now known that another tool will facilitate turn an iPhone into a walkie-talkie using Applications of third parties. This is reported Manzana on its website dedicated to developers.

This proposal is called ‘Push to Talk’. As its name suggests, it is a function that allows users to communicate through the transmission of audio broadcast through the service of Apple Push Notifications.

In WWDC 2022, Apple showed developers how they can take advantage of this new API to develop applications. So, depending on the implementation, creators can convert their device iPhone or iPad into an audio receiver and transmitter at the touch of a button.

iOS 16 has come with many new features. This new API is just one of them, and more than 22 additions can be found that the people of Cupertino did not mention during their conference.

This is how the new iOS 16 API works

“We came in loud and clear to help you carry the communication walkie talkie to your application, it’s over! Find out how you can add an outstanding system user interface to your Push to Talk app, enabling fast communication at the touch of a button. We will introduce you to the PushToTalky framework, and we will show you how to configure your applications to transmit and receive audio, even from the background, ”says Apple.

Thanks to the API and iOS 16, the voice messages you receive can be played in the background. In other words, whatever application is being used, you can still transmit or receive audio through applications designed for this purpose.

In addition, radio communication notifications will appear at the top of the screen. In this way you can see who is talking to you:

– When the other person finishes when speaking, you can answer with the button ‘Speak’.

– If you don’t want to continue the conversation, you can press the red button ‘Leave’ and this will end.

iOS 16 push to talk. (photo: Apple)
iOS 16 push to talk. (photo: Apple)

Apple has already had another app that works as a walkie-talkie

With the arrival of watch OS 5 to the Apple Watchthe people of Cupertino it has also included a walkie-talkie app for its connected watches. However, this API and the iOS 16 API have completely different functions.

While watchOS 5 use audio frame face time to transmit and receive communications, the new API gives developers the freedom to create their own communication channels.

So what does iOS 16 do? It is not more than create a common interface that application developers can use as a base. In addition, it allows these tools to continue to work in the background on the iPhone, which was not possible before.

Walkie Talkie from an Apple Watch.  (photo: Support Apple)
Walkie Talkie from an Apple Watch. (photo: Support Apple)

Other iOS 16 news

– New lock screen on iphone, both aesthetically and functionally. Both the color and the font can be customized. There will be different styles so you can choose the one you like the most.

– You can also put widgets inside lock screen, to have the most important information without having to unlock the device. You can even create different home screens to vary between them whenever you want.

(photo: Apple)
(photo: Apple)

– There is also a new notification management on the locked screen and a new API for developers, thought of live activities that can always be updated with the screen locked.

– The focus mode extends to the locked screen, allowing you to further customize it. You’ll also be able to filter the content you see in apps, so you’ll be able to really focus on the task at hand.

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