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iOS 16 will allow you to skip the confirmation of not being a robot on the web

Private Access Tokens feature in iOS 16. (photo: loanschannel)
Private Access Tokens feature in iOS 16. (photo: loanschannel)

Many users are probably tired of confirming that they are not a robot on the various web pages they visit on a daily basis. Well, they’re in luck. Now when upgrading to the operating system iOS 16, Manzana will include in the iPhone a new feature that will allow users to bypass this security step that is implemented in some websites.

It doesn’t matter if you identify the requested object in a set of images or decode misspelled text, iPhone will do it all.

This was reported by Apple itself through a video. In the nearly 13-minute post, they comment more on the new feature. His official name is Private Access Tokens and describe it as “a powerful alternative that will help identify HTTP requests of devices legitimate and individuals without compromising their identity or personal information”.

Additionally, they go into depth on how you can include support for this feature if you’re an interested developer. Major companies like Cloudfare Y quickly have confirmed their compatibility with this tool.

As a result, it is known that millions of applications and websites will be able to take advantage of this new Apple protocol. But that is not all, and it is likely that over time you will continue to see more platforms join them.

Fraud prevention in iOS 16. (photo: Apple)
Fraud prevention in iOS 16. (photo: Apple)

How this feature works

As Apple explains, the new automatic verification guarantees that the device and account iCloud always be in good condition.

Once this is done, it passes the information to the web or application in what they call a private access token. Thus, the interaction between the user and the CAPTCHA is suppressed, without affecting the data of the first, nor the usefulness of the second.

Furthermore, it is known that not only iPhones with iOS 16 can take advantage of this tool. If you have a iPad with iPad OS 16 or a Mac with macOS Ventura installed, you can also enjoy this new tool.

Of course, keep in mind that there is currently no official public version of iOS 16, so if you intend to try it out, you will have to install the developer beta. following the steps in this guide.

iOS 16. (photo: Apple)
iOS 16. (photo: Apple)

How to activate Private Access Tokens in iOS 16

The steps to enable this new feature are quite simple. Some users reported that it was activated when updating to iOS 16. If you want to see how it can be activated on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Go to the app Settings on an iPhone.

2. Here, enter the User name at the top of the screen.

3. Tap on Password and security.

4. You will see an option called Automatic verification. This is the one that interests Activate.

iOS 15 vs.  iOS 16. (photo: Gadget News)
iOS 15 vs. iOS 16. (photo: Gadget News)

Once activated, Apple guarantees that iCloud will take care of verifying the user’s identity with websites that require it. Of course, this is not to reveal information or data of any kind, but to confirm that it is a device intended for use; whether personal, work or just leisure, from a real person.

This is how Apple intends to take a step towards eliminating the interaction with the famous CAPTCHA. While this is a proposal that has proven useful in a Internet increasingly full of bots; certainly can getting annoying the hundredth time you ask to look for hills and storefronts in very low quality images.

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