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iOS 16: How to customize the lock screen using focus mode

Focus mode allows each home and lock screen wallpaper to be linked together and together be part of a profile within focus mode on iPhones running iOS 16. (AppleInsider)

The focus mode of Manzanafirst introduced in iOS 15, has been enhanced in the most current version of the company’s operating system, iOS 16. In this way, users can have more control, not only over the applications from which they want to receive notifications, but also from the contacts you want to prioritize.

This way of increasing productivity during certain times of the day, which can also be configured to switch between “focus profiles” at certain times, it also has the characteristic of modifying the device’s wallpaper in order to differentiate one profile from another.


To configure this feature and link a lock screen wallpaper To a specific focus mode profile, there are different ways. One of them is through Personalization Center and another, through the menu of Setting.

lock screen wallpaper in customization center

– To configure a focus mode to a specific fund, the user of the device should open the Personalization Center, which can be accessed by long-pressing on a free area within the lock screen.

iOS 16 Focus Mode (Apple)
iOS 16 Focus Mode (Apple)

– Then, click on the “Sharpen” option o Focus, which is located below the screen you want to configure.

– The user has to select the focus mode you want to be linked with the lock screen wallpaper where you are currently.

– Set to display when the corresponding focus mode is active.

Lock screen wallpaper in Settings

– To do this you must go to the menu setting and select the Focus or “Focus” option.

– Then click on the focus mode that you want to assign to a specific lock screen background when it is active.

– Then, the user must click on the Choose option under the icon of iPhone in the section of Personalization of screen.

– Select the wallpaper that was created to correspond to a certain focus mode profile.

Focus Mode allows each Home and Lock screen wallpaper to be linked together and together be part of a profile within Focus Mode on iPhones running iOS 16. (Apple)
Focus Mode allows each Home and Lock screen wallpaper to be linked together and together be part of a profile within Focus Mode on iPhones running iOS 16. (Apple)

This connection between lock screen and different profiles within the focus mode allow not only to customize the device to the user’s taste, but also generates different “environments” within the iPhone depending on the activity for which each has been configured, from work to sleep.

In addition to this option personalizationanother aspect that can be configured with the focus mode profiles are the wallpapers, which have a similar route to be able to make the modifications that the user wishes.

Wallpaper in Personalization Center

– The user must press and hold a free space within the wallpaper key to enter the customization center.

– Select the lock screen background in which you have configured the pfocus mode profile.

– Click on the option “Personalize” located at the bottom of the screen.

– Then, press the “Done” button, located at the top right of the screen. This is because you will already have configured the lock screen for this point.

– In the menu that will appear on the screen, you must select the option “Customize wallpaper” in the lower part.

Wallpaper customization in iOS 16 (TechCrunch)
Wallpaper customization in iOS 16 (TechCrunch)

Wallpaper in Settings

– To change the wallpaper For this method, you have to enter Settings and click on the Focus option. Then you must select the profile that you want to link to a particular wallpaper(s).

– Press the “Choose” button located under the icon of the starting screenunder the section of Customize screen.

– Now you can choose which wallpaper will be assigned to a profile within the focus mode once it is activated. This includes the wallpaper set at the time you start customization.

– Click on the “Done” button at the top right of the screen.

Once the customization of the wallpaper, users have the possibility to choose a default color for the details of the wallpaper, which can also be gradient. Another option is to use a blur effect to the image selected.

At the end of the process, each fund of lock screen It will be paired with a home screen background and when you change one, the other will change automatically at any time.


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