Home Android iOS 16.4 can be installed, the 16.5 beta has started

iOS 16.4 can be installed, the 16.5 beta has started

iOS 16.4 can be installed, the 16.5 beta has started

On Monday evening, iOS 16.4 became available on all compatible phones, and can be installed on devices newer than the iPhone 8. The update is around 2 GB, and it contains several innovations that may be worth installing. One such example is that iOS now allows web app notifications to be displayed on the home screen as well. The other generally more important innovation is the function for mobile calls, where the phone tries to completely suppress the background noise and highlight the speaker’s voice with the voice isolation option.

There are also 21 new emojis in the update, but what is a bit more useful is that the factory Photos app now not only collects duplicate videos and photos in a separate folder, but also does the same for items stored in iCloud photo libraries, if the user has allowed it. VoiceOver support is added to map views in the weather app, and accessibility options are expanded with iOS now able to automatically detect flashing lights or flashes of light and darken the video that contains them. In addition to these, additional optimization has arrived for the accident detection of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models.

iPhone 13 Mini does not have 2 GB of update iPhone 13 Mini does not have 2 GB of update (source: Mobilearena) [+]

In the meantime, iOS 16.5 became available to developers, and the Apple Pay Later interest-free BNPL service was partially launched in the United States (Buy Now Pay Laterthat is Buy now, pay later), the company announced in a press release. For the time being, the new payment option within Apple Pay has only appeared for users selected by Apple, according to the original plans, they wanted to launch the function introduced last summer with iOS 16 at the end of 2022.

Apple Pay Later on iOS
Apple Pay Later on iOS (source: Apple) [+]

With Apple Pay Later, users can make purchases between US$50 and US$1,000 by repaying the total amount of the purchase in four equal, interest-free installments over six weeks. In order to use installment payments, it is mandatory to register a debit card in Apple Pay, credit cards are not accepted by the Pay Later function, and the user receives a notification and email about the payment of installments. Pay Later can be used for online and in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad at merchants that accept Apple Pay. Installment payments are made through MasterCard’s installment payment program, so merchants do not have to do anything. Credit evaluation and lending is provided by Apple’s subsidiary Apple Financing LLC, and according to plans, Apple Pay Later loans will also be announced to American credit bureaus from autumn.

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