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iOS 16.0.3 has arrived

iOS 16.0.3 has arrived

From the evening of October 10, iOS 16.0.3 can be downloaded for all Apple phones newer than the iPhone 8. The update weighs roughly 1GB and includes security updates and other fixes. For example, it fixes the problem in all iPhones, as a result of which the Mail application crashed after receiving an improperly formatted e-mail.


Also fixed is the bug that caused incoming calls and notifications to be delayed or not received on iPhone 14 and 14 Pro phones. Fixed an issue where the microphone volume on iPhone 14 models would be very low during phone calls when using CarPlay. It is said that after installing the update, the camera will start faster on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, and Apple has also patched other, unspecified errors with the update.

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