iOS 15 Login problems: Apps constantly require new registrations

The new iOS 15 operating system has been available for iPhones since the end of September. A new feature of this update is the preparation of apps so that the startup process can take place more quickly. But iOS 15 Login problems are exactly what leads to problems with applications in which you have to log in.

  • Problems with apps with login function under iOS 15
  • Constant re-registration in programs is required.
  • Apple is working on a solution – according to the developer, however, difficult.


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A new function in iOS 15 means that users are constantly being unintentionally logged out of certain apps. This means that they have to log in again each time the programs are started. In the meantime, the first app providers have reacted and published updates to counteract the problem.

Among other things, the short message service Twitter and the route planner Komoot have updated their apps so far, so that users are no longer affected by the bug. Other providers such as Telekom with the MeinMagenta app have not yet been able to completely eliminate the problem. The cause of the problem is known so far, but a comprehensive solution to the problem is still pending.

iOS 15 prepares apps in the background

The new feature in iOS 15 ensures that the iPhone “warms up” certain apps that are used frequently as a precaution. This means that some processes that are necessary to start the app are prepared in the background. This should speed up the start-up process and allow users to access the desired app more quickly. What sounds good in theory leads to problems with the apps concerned. Because the warm-up means that some relevant database entries are not yet available and the app therefore has to ask for the login data again when it starts.

According to a developer from Apple, artificial intelligence prefers to prepare programs that are used frequently. These then remain in a kind of standby and are activated as soon as they are actually started. The AI ​​uses this to determine which apps are used to preheat them. If you do not start the programs at the end, they will be automatically removed from the cache.


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The problem is difficult to fix

Apple has already published a workaround. However, this does not ensure that the bug will no longer occur. Since the AI ​​reacts to the individual app usage of the user, the login bug is also constantly changing. As a result, the problem can hardly be reproduced, which makes it difficult for Apple to work on a comprehensive solution.

Have you already encountered the problem? Did you find a solution to the problem? Let us know!


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