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iOS 15.4: mask and Face ID, text scanning… find out how to use the new features

iOS 15.4: mask and Face ID

Apple has just released two new tutorial videos on two new features of iOS, including the use of surgical masks with Face ID and text scanning with the camera. This second feature was already available since iOS 15.3, but it’s only now that Apple has decided to explain to its customers how to use it in a detailed video.

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iOS 15.4 was a long-awaited update. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple promised a solution so that the Face ID system would no longer force its users to remove the mask to unlock their smartphone or validate payments. Solution that is coming… at the end of the pandemic, even if according to the latest figures for the omicron variant, the health situation is probably not quite behind us yet.

iOS 15.4: Apple explains how to use the new features in two videos

Note, however, that unlocking Face ID with the mask only works on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. If you have an older iPhone equipped with Face ID (iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, etc.), you will have to make do with the current system. . Apple has already improved the situation a little if you have an Apple Watch. It is indeed possible to configure it to unlock your smartphone instead of Face ID when you wear a mask.

The iPhone 12 and 13 indeed have an improved set of Face ID sensors which allows this novelty. Here are all the official explanations for using Face ID with a mask on a recent iPhone:

Also new – although not really something new with iOS 15.4, is text scanning. For some time now, a new icon has been appearing everywhere in iOS. If you long press on a text box, a context menu will offer you to scan text directly from the camera.

This character recognition works with both printed and handwritten texts. Specifically, to scan text and paste it into a note, just open a note, tap the camera in the menu bar, and then tap “Scan text.” You can then edit the scan, then insert it into a note:

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