Invite guests: Twitch will allow users to participate in lives natively

Invite guests: Twitch will allow users to participate in lives natively

In December, Twitch gained support for FaceTime and SharePlay on iOS and now another beautiful news has just arrived for streamers who like to receive guests in their lives. We’re talking about Guest Star, which will allow anyone watching to participate in the broadcast natively on Twitch, whether on desktop or mobile.

According to Engadget, Guest Star is compatible with Twitch Studio and OBS, making it easy to use for both new and experienced users. The idea is to make the audience closer to the creator, who will receive a notice if any viewer wants to talk to him during the live.

That way, it will no longer be necessary to add live video feeds to receive guests, which can become a little complicated via Discord, Skype or Zoom.

Guest Star on Twitch. Image: Engadget

The management of the live guests will be done by the creator, who can remove them from the live at any time, so the guests will need to have an active Twitch account to participate, as they must also respect the rules of the platform.

Creators will still be able to filter guests to participate in the Guest Star, checking if they have an active phone number, if they broke any rules of the platform or even their age.

The idea, according to Twitch, is to promote social interaction, as Just Chatting lives grew 151% in the first half of 2022, with revenue from these creators rising 169% in the period.

Guest Star is being released today to a small number of users and will be made available to more creators gradually to gather feedback. The novelty will be available to everyone in spring 2022.

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