Invisible City: Season 2 arrives on Netflix! remember the story

This Wednesday (22), finally, the 2nd season of Invisible City, one of the most successful Netflix original Brazilian series on the streaming giant. Launched in February 2001, the work, created by Mirna Nogueira, Rodrigo Nogueira and Carlos Saldanha, was about two years away from the small screen, which left fans very anxious to return soon to the narrative, full of mysteries, action and striking figures. of Brazilian folklore.

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The first season of the Brazilian series had seven episodes, while the second part arrived on Netflix with only five chapters. “An environmental inspector discovers the hidden world of the mythological entities of Brazilian folklore when he finds a connection between the appearance of a freshwater dolphin, already dead, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro and the death of his wife”, says the official synopsis of the series. on IMDb.

Remembering that Invisible City, in its cast, has names like Marco Pigossi, Alessandra Negrini, Fábio Lago, Samuel de Assis, Julia Konrad, Jimmy London, among others. Incidentally, most of these actors and actresses should return for the new chapters.

But do you remember what happened at the end of Invisible City? Remember the main facts of the series before marathoning the 2nd season!

Invisible City: remember the end of the first season

At the end of the debut season of Invisible Citywe discover that whoever was behind the deaths of Gabriela (Konrad), Saci (Wesley Guimarães) and Boto (Victor Sparapane) was Luna (Manu Dieguez), who was possessed by the evil spirit called Corpo Seco, which appeared through the thirst of revenge of a hunter who was killed by Iberê/Curupira (Fábio Lago) years ago.

To save Luna, Eric (Pigossi) offers himself as a host to Corpo Seco, who then leaves the girl’s body to use the protagonist as an instrument for his main mission: to hunt and kill Curupira. The protector of the forests, touched by the deaths of his companions, decides to return to the form of Curupira (he was living as Iberê in the city) and go after Corpo Seco.

When they meet, Curupira and Corpo Seco (as Eric) start a mortal combat, which is closely followed by Inês/Cuca (Alessandra Negrini) and Iara/Sereia (Jessica Córes), who do not interfere in the duel. Ultimately, Eric “sacrifices” himself upon realizing that he cannot let Corpo Seco live on by killing other creatures and people around him.

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However, it is unclear if Eric really died or if Dry Body left his body for good. We only see the protagonist, apparently lifeless, being taken to a place called “kingdom” by Iberê, Inês and Iara. In this sense, the 2nd season of Invisible City will show what happens from there and what Eric will still have to face throughout the narrative, if he remains alive.

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