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Invisible City: Meet the Legends of Season 2 Folklore

Invisible City: Meet the Legends of Season 2 Folklore

Created by Mirna Nogueira, Rodrigo Nogueira and Carlos Saldanha, Invisible City is one of the most successful original Brazilian series on Netflix. When it premiered, in February 2021, the work drew attention for exploring several striking figures in Brazilian folklore, such as Curupira and Saci Pererê, for example. Therefore, when the 2nd season of the series was announced, many fans already began to wonder which other legends could appear in Invisible City?

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Well, with the arrival of new episodes of the project on Netflix last Wednesday (22), we already have the answers. In addition to the already mentioned Curupira and Saci Pererê, Cuca, Boto-cor-de-rosa, Iara and Bicho Papão were the main characters of Brazilian folklore present in the first season of Invisible City. Now, in the second part of the narrative, other figures who live in the imagination of Brazilians join them.

Matinta Perê

The first of these is Matinta Perê, or Matinta Pereira, who is well known in the northern region of Brazil and who, in the series, is played by actress Letícia Spiller. In production, the character has a darker and unkempt look, with filthy clothes and dirty hair, with the ability to transform into an owl and launch powerful screams.

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Legend has it that Matinta is an old witch capable of turning into a bird every night. She then lands in someone’s house and starts whistling until the local resident promises her something. The next day, she returns to collect what she was promised and, if she is not answered, she brings some tragedy to the one who deceived her.

Headless mule


Another much talked about legend that appears in Season 2 of Invisible City is the Headless Mule. Interpreted by Simone Spoladore, the character appears grandiose on screen, with several impressive effects. In the greatest Fleabag style, the legend adopted in the series shows that the entity arises from a woman who fell in love with a priest.



Another folkloric character from the north of the country seen in Invisible City it’s Boiuna. It consists of a giant snake that, with its glowing eyes, can attract people to eat them – in the series, powers are used for hypnosis.

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The creature can also transform into other things and people, camouflaging itself very well and deceiving its victims. In the series, who lives the legend is Zahy Tentehar and appears as Débora, one of the main antagonists of the plot.



O Lobisomem is also one of the surprises of the 2nd season of the Brazilian series. The monster, which is actually a man who transforms into a huge wolf whenever there is a full moon, has several versions around the world, but its origins tend to be similar everywhere.

In the series, the legend is lived by Tomás de França, adopting a version of the story popular in Brazil: the wolf boy is the eighth child of a couple that had only women. On his 13th birthday, he transforms for the first time.



Finally, the new chapters of the series also introduce us to the Zaoris, characters from the south of Brazil. According to tales, the Zaoris would be men who were born during Holy Fridays and, instead of ordinary eyes, have a special vision capable of seeing the riches of the world (especially those of the earth, such as gold and precious stones). In the production, the figure is played by Mestre Sebá, as the character Lazo.

Will a 3rd season of Invisible City can bring even more legends?

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