Invincible: Omni-Man cosplay shows scary version of hero

A new cosplay posted on Instagram featured a version of Omni-Man, from Invincible, which has fans claiming the character is scarier than Homelander. After all, Homelander attacks his enemies from a distance, while Omni-Man isn’t afraid to get his hands bloody – and that’s precisely the highlight of the production.


Actor Jennings Brower published his creation on Instagram and drew the attention of fans for the dark character of the cosplay, in which the character appears with blood splatters.

From the signature costume to the mustache, the whole look was very assertive towards the character and brought a terrifying approach. Check it out below:

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A post shared by Jennings Brower (@jenningsbrower)


On Instagram, the artist posts cosplay photos of other characters such as Deadpool, Spider-Man and more!

Learn more about the Invincible Omni-Man

The character was created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker and made his debut in 2003 in the first issue of invincible. In addition to being the most powerful anti-hero in the world, his identity is actually Nolan Greyson, Mark’s father.


The character begins training his son to be the Invincible. However, upon revealing to Mark that he is actually an alien sent to Earth to conquer the planet, the son betrays him and the two embark on a very bloody family battle.

(Source: Instagram/Reproduction)Source: Instagram

The 1st season of the animation is available on Amazon Prime Video and follows the adventures of Nolan and Mark Grayson, in addition to the other characters in this universe. Meanwhile, Season 2 is already in post-production and Season 3 has also been confirmed, although neither has an official release date.


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