Introducing Nothing Ear (stick)

Nothing is very good at marketing, a week before the official presentation of their latest earphones, they raised a solid 50% on the price of their first earphones with active noise filtering, which at the time were presented for exactly the same amount as the Ear (stick) today. It is true that the capsule-shaped case of the new earphones (a lipstick according to the official narrative) is much more ergonomic and the earphones are also lighter, ANC, for example, has to say goodbye. With this move, it was apparently possible to disqualify inflation, but it is worth keeping in mind that for the same amount (that is, expressed in dollars), the company offers less this year than last year, even with the fact that Ear (1) has since improved the performance by at least 15 received a boost update/tweak.



Ear (stick)’s 4.4-gram earphones are designed for all-day wear, which is supported by a 29-hour operating time, and the earphones last 7 hours at a time on their own. The earphones, which work with 12.6 mm drivers, are not capable of active noise filtering, but the With three microphones per ear, Clear Voice Technology tries to ensure undisturbed sound quality even in noisy or windy environments, and the Bass Lock software solution handles the optimal presentation of the deep range.


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The Ear (stick) supports AAC and SBC codecs, it is IP54 water-resistant, and the software functions natively available with the Nothing Phone (1) (customizable touch-based control, device search, tone settings) can be enjoyed on any device by downloading the Nothing X application . Nothing Ear (stick) will be available in 40 countries on November 4 for $99 (€119 or £99) until November 30 early bird we can count on a 10% discount. Here, this is realized as HUF 52,000 (this is indicated on the official website), which is slightly higher than the price expressed in euros and pounds.

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