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Introducing Nothing Ear (2)

Introducing Nothing Ear (2)

In June 2021, Nothing presented its first product, the Ear (1) earphones, and today its successor, the Nothing Ear 2. At first glance, it is difficult to notice even the minimal changes that have been made to the exterior, because it is really about small things, for example, a microphone placed elsewhere. (The full list of differences has been compiled by the manufacturer here.) At the same time, the knowledge of the earphones has increased, the Ear (2) supports the LHDC 5.0 audio codec, which enables high-resolution transmission (24 bit / 192 kHz) from a compatible Android device. With the help of the Nothing X application (Android and iOS), customizable sound is now available after a hearing test, and the sound of the earphones can also be adjusted manually with an EQ.


The Ear (2) and the accompanying case. The Ear (2) and the accompanying case. (source: Nothing.tech) [+]

The sounds are played by 11.6 millimeter drivers, with a new graphene-polyurethane diaphragm. Algorithms responsible for active noise canceling and changing the location of the microphones enable a stronger, 40 dB noise barrier, and according to Nothing, the voice recognition of the microphones is also better and they have also improved the isolation of sounds from background noise.

The app and the new earphones
The app and the new earphones (source: Nothing.tech) [+]

The earphones can be connected to several devices, given the IP54 rating, the case can be charged wirelessly or with a USB-C connector. The operating time without ANC is 6 hours per earbud and 36 hours with the case, with ANC 4 and 22.5 hours. There’s Google and Microsoft quick pairing for Android and Windows devices, and that’s about it. Nothing Ear (2) will go on sale from March 28, but it can be ordered from today on the manufacturer’s website, and the price is HUF 63,990.

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