Interstellar: see 7 similar movies available on streaming

interstellar can definitely be considered one of Christopher Nolan’s most defining films. The director is known for his practical effects, scripts that stir innovation and plots that provoke the feeling of walking through a labyrinth. With always engaging stories, which capture the public’s curiosity to solve puzzles together with the characters, Nolan made his name in Hollywood and consolidated Interstellar as a synthesis of everything he works for and believes in when it comes to cinema.

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The film, which features names like Matthew McConaughe, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon among others in its cast, combines science fiction with good doses of suspense and drama. Despite its length, the experience of following the story can be quite fluid, as the reader is intrigued by the possibility that Earth is an uninhabitable planet and a group of astronauts accept the task of traveling through a wormhole in search of a new one. planet.

If you just watched Interstellar or the film is among one of your favorite cinematographic titles, we have selected 7 works that are just as intriguing for you to check out. Look:

Tomorrow’s War

Produced exclusively for Prime Video and featuring Chris Pratt in the lead role, Tomorrow’s War it brings a lot of science fiction in a futuristic setting. Here we follow the moment when soldiers living in the year 2048 go back in time to 2021 to recruit more people to save the future of humanity.

It’s a title with a lot of action, but also that works the character’s stories in parallel, bringing a balance between sci-fi and drama.

Tomorrow’s War is available on Prime Video.

The arrival

One of the most remarkable films of Amy Adams’ career, The arrival it even secured an Oscar nomination for the actress, in addition to being remembered to this day as an impressive and very intriguing title. Here, we meet a language teacher who is invited to lead a team of investigators when giant spaceships land on Earth.

As countries find themselves on the brink of a global war, she and her team must race against time to find a way to communicate with extraterrestrials. All this at risk against their own lives and against humanity.

The arrival is available on Paramount+.


One more from Nolan, Amnesia is so great that it also deserves a place on this list. Here we have Guy Pearce in the lead role, who lives here a patient with amnesia who lost his wife, victim of a murder. Due to his incurable condition, he is unable to register new memories, as well as losing his memories in a short amount of time.

Living like this, he is on a difficult mission to find and kill his wife’s killer, but all he has are polaroid photos, tattoos on his body and very few memories of what happened shortly before the accident.

Amnesia is available on Lionsgate+.

Fear Island


Following this line of a plot that holds you from beginning to end, Fear Island it is precisely a title that meets this requirement, directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. Bringing Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in the lead roles, here we are taken to a macabre and weird psychiatric hospital.

Despite being released in 2010, the plot here is set in 1954, far from technology and modernity, which brings much more elements to the suspense of the place. When the protagonist duo arrives to investigate the disappearance of a patient, they discover that doctors perform radical examinations on patients, involving illegal and sometimes even unethical methods.

Fear Island is available at Netflix.

10 Cloverfield Street

Thinking along these lines of a futuristic reality, 10 Cloverfield Street is well suited for those who enjoy post-apocalyptic scenarios and plots that flirt a lot with suspense. Here we meet Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the eternal Ramona!), who wakes up in an underground bunker after suffering a car accident.

Sharing the same space with two men he doesn’t know, he is soon explained that a chemical attack has made the air toxic and fatal, and the only hope for survival is to stay inside. Despite being very comfortable, Michelle is suspicious of the controlling nature of Howard (John Goodman), the owner of the place, and now finds herself determined to discover the truth about the outside world.

10 Cloverfield Street is available for rent at apple tv.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time

Sweetheart of 2022, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time was meant to intrigue the audience from start to finish. Starring Michelle Yeoh, who lives here Evelyn, a woman who finds herself in a professional and family crisis, we follow her surprise when she finds out that the universe in which she lives is just one among millions.

From there, she goes on a journey of self-discovery and reflection on the meaning of life, while fighting a villain who wants to destroy this and all universes that exist.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time is available on Prime Video.

The origin

Also directed by Christophen Nolan, The origin must be one of the most iconic titles in his filmography. Here we are introduced to a world where it is possible to enter the human mind, and the character of Leonardo DiCaprio is a boy who is among the best in this practice of stealing information and secrets from the unconscious.

Fugitive and currently wanted, he is prevented from returning to the United States, but he accepts the daring and dangerous mission to enter the mind of an heir to an economic empire, lived here by Cillian Murphy.

The origin is available on Google Play.

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