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Internet of things, the weakest link in the protection of cyber attacks

Smart Cities (Photo: Shutterstock)
Smart Cities (Photo: Shutterstock)

The devices and elements that are part of the Internet of Things (IOT) they do not have the same security systems as computers or computer equipment, which makes them more likely to be intervened by cybercriminals.

The internet of things refers to devices that can be connected to the internet network, they were created to make human life more comfortable, examples of these are voice assistants, smart heaters or vehicle connectivity.

The problem with the internet of things is that these devices also They function as data collectors with a high probability of being stolen. That is why it is so important to develop strategies to protect and have security systems in these elements.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems that people face in cybersecurity issues for their devices is that Globally, there are no clear regulations that indicate what security systems manufacturers must implement.

All this brought to everyday life, It implies that a hacker can access the information and privacy of users through security cameras or baby monitors, as has already happened. As with smart heaters and lighting systems, they could identify when a home or office is alone.

The health sector is the most affected

With all this, health entities, are the organisms most exposed to cyber threats due to the variety of equipment used and connected to networks.

Obbe Knoop, VP of Emerging Markets at ARMIS, discusses the case of a hospital in the United States that suffered a ransomware or data hijacking attack. The clinic had to pay the money requested by the cybercriminals or else the lives of the patients would have been in danger.

Josué Maturano, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of ARMIS, affirmed that Over time there are more elements connected to the network, which makes it difficult to control and view. According to him, the concern to protect the internet of things lies in the fact that currently, the greatest threat to organizations is not found in physical or similar space, but in networks.

Types of threats to which entities are exposed:


-Privacy where information such as medical records can be extracted or credit cards.

-Operational, those that directly attack the functioning of an entity, for example if the power plant of a city is attacked, it would leave all its inhabitants without electricity.

According to Luis Mario Sosa, cybersecurity business developer at A3sec, lhe vulnerability of internet of things devices lies in the fact that they can be used as intermediaries due to their security flaws. Sosa proposes the example of a bank that can access its critical networks using IOT elements as a vehicle.

Luis Sosa explains in greater depth that the devices were conceived to connect to the network to fulfill a specific objective, therefore, they are not designed to protect themselves because they do not have any security system.

Therefore, it is still worrying that company personnel are the weakest link in security chains, so they should also be trained in matters related to data protection.


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