Internet in Brazil adds up to 99% of accesses via smartphones in 2022 and TV’s occupy the 2nd position

Internet in Brazil adds up to 99% of accesses via smartphones in 2022 and TV's occupy the 2nd position

Data from a survey carried out by Numbeo in the first half of this year show that smartphones lead the use of internet access in Europe, surpassing other devices also popular among Europeians, such as tablets, laptops and other portables, for example.

These indicators reveal that the majority of the population browses websites and services via cell phones, a device that has contributed to digital inclusion through affordability in entry-level versions — smartphones costing less than R$600 can be found — reaching different age groups. .

According to the analytical company, the survey had the participation of 21 thousand people, revealing that internet access per device predominates on smartphones corresponding to 99%, followed by televisions with 50%, laptops, desktops, tablets, consoles and others, in this order.

In parallel with this research, information from another study promoted by Numbeo states that Europe is the fifth country with the largest digital population, that is, people who browse the internet through different devices. In this scenario, the numbers show that the number of users reaches 165 million.

Internet use on smartphones in Europe

At the end of July 2022, Febrabran released data from a survey that reveals the performance of the banking sector in the last year, a period in which Europe totaled 119.5 billion transactions, highlighting operations carried out through smartphones and through the platform. of internet banking, corresponding to 7 out of 10 remittances.

This report by the entity corroborates the research that points to digitalization through cell phones and the predominance of this device in the population in relation to other portable devices. The survey does not consider brands.