“Interesting strategy”: the voice of Gamma 1 in Dragon Ball Super Hero supports dubbing actors

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During an interview with TechMarkup Mexico, the dubbing actor interpreted some funny phrases with the voices of different characters.

His voice has sounded demon slayerthe Netflix anime that raised an entire army of fans, like Giyu Tomiokabut can also be heard on Dragon Ball Super Super Hero with the character of gamma 1 and that is for Marc Winslow, voice actoreach new interpretation means a challenge for which you must prepare properly.

Unlike some opinions that have already circulated on social networks or in the same guild, Winslow does not see badly that film or television actors (who did not have specialized training in the field) venture into the world of dubbingin which Mexico has been a leader for decades.

In interview with TechMarkup Mexicothe actor not only performed some funny references with the voices of gamma 1 Y Giyu Tomioka, He also talked about his work as a voice actor

He also reminded fans of the anime that the movie of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero was released on August 18 in theaters and features a renowned cast of Mexican voices which give life to endearing characters who arrived in the Mexican Republic more than 20 years ago.

Changing and expanding the field of Mexican actors in dubbing is good for everyoneHowever, when an actor who has not gone through a previous preparation with his voice implies a challenge for the franchise that requested it and for the acting part itself.

“From the market point of view is an interesting strategy that can attract a different audience who would normally consume that product and from the point of view of production it may mean investing more time, money and space for everything to go well. Dubbing is a specialty of actingtherefore the fact that you are an actor gives you advantages in what you are going to do but it does not guarantee that you will be as good as in your main field”, that was his opinion regarding the inclusion of TV or film actors in the dubbing

Although not a new practice, one of the strongest aspects that are taken into account to carry out this type of challenge is the number of people who know that acting figurethe type of public that follows it and the audience to which the project is directed, because it seeks to expand the field, not reduce it.

Marc Winslow is known for being part of the new Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie, that is, a voice actor, musician and announcer (Photo: Facebook/Marc Winslow)

According to his testimony, the process for assigning roles in the projects he has participated in is based on the personality of the actor and how he reacts to certain circumstances, since they are important aspects to take into account when assigning a character.

I like to investigate the projects that I am going to do. It is a laborious and arduous research task, in which you have to soak up everything you know. however I consider thathe anime lends itself to that, facilitating the work for those of us who dedicate ourselves to dubbing”, commented Marc.

In addition to the research prior to dubbing, At the time of recording, you have to keep in mind what figure you are going to play, be it a villain, a hero, a defenseless child, etc.because that depends on how you are going to adapt your voice.

For him preparing to bring a figure to life includes getting to know the character’s personality thoroughlythe people who interpret them in their country of origin, what the story is about and the context where the plot unfoldsthe time in which they live, the original translation, sometimes they must be modify phrases or words to give a better meaning to development and everyone can understand it.

“Even the size he wears seems relevant to me, his zodiac sign. his height, how old he is and all the details that can be found on the internet, I also have to take into account the region for which the dubbing is done, to keep in mind what type of words used and have a better format”, He commented regarding the knowledge of the characters.

Gamma 1, Ciel Phantomhive and Nelson are some of the characters to whom he has lent his voice to reproduce them in Mexican territory (Photos: Twitter)
Gamma 1, Ciel Phantomhive and Nelson are some of the characters to whom he has lent his voice to reproduce them in Mexican territory (Photos: Twitter)

Who is Mar Winslow

He is recognized for being a director of Mexican dubbingmusic director and adaptersinger, announcer and interpreter of video game characters, his training began in music from his childhood, from then on he took speech courses, which opened the doors for him in Mexican dubbing.

Currently he has lent his voice to the cute Panda of scandalousto the seeker of justice Gamma 1 of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, to Giyu Tomioka from demon slayer whatwho is remembered for being very serious, the muscular Dio Brando of JoJo’sto Nelson of The Simpsons as of season 32, and many others characters from both anime, cartoons and even seriesamong the most recent is Sweet Home.

Your arrival at Dragon Ball Super Super Hero it was through the voice actor Lalo Garza, who summoned him to carry out a voice test for the film. For Marc, the size of the project was a great responsibility, since he committed himself to the fans of the franchise to deliver an excellent job and He appreciates that he was taken into account to join the cast.

Most of the characters he has played have been extroverted and spontaneous characterwell their type of voice and timbre is better suited to those personalities. The first character she played was about 6 or 7 years ago, since the branch where she started was voiceover.

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