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Intel Core i9 Alder Lake more powerful than Apple’s M1 Max chip, but less efficient

Intel Core i9 Alder Lake
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Not enough to change Apple’s mind about its strategy of only using processors
of his own design.

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If we have largely insisted on TechMarkup on Alder Lake processors for so-called “desktop” machines, Intel’s new architecture is also targeting the portable market and, in terms of performance, things seem to be on the way.

Intel Core i9 Alder Lake: 4% more efficient…

Thus, our colleagues from WCCFTech relay performance measurements reported by macworld, obviously a specialist in Apple machines. A first test compares the Core i9-12900HK to Apple’s M1 Max processor.


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Integrated into an MSI GE76 Raider laptop, the Intel CPU scores 12,707 points on the test multi core from Geekbench 5. For its part, the M1 Max was hosted by a 16-inch MacBook Pro and scored 12,244 points on the same test.

On this test alone, the Intel processor is indeed more muscular than the chip-signed Apple. Its result is a little less than 4% higher. Of course, a single result is not enough to judge the performance of a processor, but it gives the first idea.

… but much more energy-intensive

Indeed, WCCFTech was keen to check the power consumption of the two processors and, in this little game, the M1 Max seems much better equipped than its competitor stamped Intel.

The comparison is not perfect, but the differences are sufficiently eloquent to draw the beginning of a conclusion. Indeed, measured on Cinebench R23, the consumption of the Intel Core i9 Alder Lake is established at 100 Watts and could climb up to 140 Watts when the M1 Max, still on the same Cinebench R23, capped at 40 Watts.

Suffice to say that on portable machines where consumption is vital for convincing autonomy, the 4% more performance will undoubtedly be too expensive for many users. WCCFTech points out at this level that on a video playback test, the MSI laptop – equipped with a powerful GeForce RTX 3080 – lasted around 6 hours when the MacBook Pro provided 21 hours on the same test. Eloquent.

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Source: WCCFTech

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