Intel Core i5-14600K appears with 14 cores, 20 threads and 5.3 GHz in turbo

Indications that the 14th generation of Intel Core processors are close to arriving continue. This time we have more details about the i5-14600K, which occupies a segment that tends to be popular. The Raptor Lake-S CPU will have configurations very similar to the i5-13600K, with some small changes, like the turbo to 5.3 GHz.

The specifications, already revealed through rumors, are confirmed with this leak. According to CPU-Z prints, the Core i5-14600K is a CPU with 14 cores, divided into 6 for performance plus 8 for efficiency, in addition to 20 threadssame configuration as its current (13th) generation equivalent.

The two CPUs share other specifications such as the 125W TDP and 24MB of Intel Smart Cache. As mentioned above, the biggest difference is for the i5-14600K’s 5.3 GHz boost, 200 MHz more than the i5-13600K. The Raptor Lake-S CPU was on a Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX motherboard.

Intel Core i5-14600k
Image: Videocardz

Rumors and Leaks About Raptor Lake-S CPUs

Yesterday (7), two other 14th generation CPUs also appeared in leaks. In BAPco’s CrossMark benchmark (not very common test), the i9-14900K and i7-14700K processors appeared with performance differences between 14 and 20% in favor of the stronger CPU, but it was not possible to compare them with their current counterparts generation in this test.

The leak also confirmed that the i9-14900K will keep the same amount of cores as the i9-13900K, with 24 cores, probably also divided into 8 performance and 16 efficient, and 32 threads.

The Core i7-14700K will offer an unprecedented amount of cores since the beginning of hybrid technology in the 12th generation (Alder Lake). There will be 20 cores, with a possible division into 8 performance and 12 efficient cores, and 28 threads. Data about frequencies and cache memory of the two CPUs were not revealed by this benchmark.

A recent rumor points to the following configurations for the other Raptor Lake-S CPUs:

  • i9-14900/F (8 performance cores+16 efficiency cores), L3 36MB, 5.8GHz boost;
  • i7-14700/F (8 performance cores+12 efficiency cores), L3 33MB, 5.4GHz boost;
  • i5-14600 (6 performance cores+8 efficiency cores), L3 24MB, 5.2GHz boost
  • i5-14500 (6 performance cores+8 efficiency cores), L3 24MB, 5.0GHz boost;
  • i5-14400/F (6 performance cores+4 efficiency cores), L3 20MB, 4.7GHz boost;
  • i3-14100/F (4 performance cores+0 efficiency cores), L3 12MB, 4.7GHz boost.

Intel is expected to reveal the Raptor Lake-S processors during its Innovation event in September, with the launch scheduled for October.

Via: Videocardz

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