Intel Core i3-12100 / 12300 and Core i5-12400 extensively tested even before launch

From processors which seem to have considerably to boost the entry-level segment. Thanks, Alder Lake?

While AMD has never distributed a Ryzen 5000 series intended for the entry-level market, Intel has never hidden its intention to offer Alder Lake processors in this segment.

If the official presentation of the Core i3-12100 / 12300 and Core i5-12400 should not take place before the start of CES 2022 in Las Vegas, multiple performance measures have just been leaked.


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Processor tests ” qualification samples

Relayed by Videocardz, the leaks in question make it possible to draw up a rather complete assessment of these three processors that we will nevertheless be keen to test at the beginning of next year.

Last November, previous leaks had already mentioned the case of the Core i5-12400: it was then a ‘QS’ model or qualification sample, for products not quite identical to what can be found in stores. The same is true today, although things are even closer to commercial models.

Intel Core i5-12400 C0 vs H0 © Videocardz

The Core i5-12400 in two steppings: C0 vs. H0 © Videocardz

The case of the Core i5-12400 is a little more interesting still, the leaks mentioning two different revisions: the C0 and the H0, the latter being logically more recent with a die where the efficient cores are absent and not deactivated as was the case on the C0.

No entry / mid-range equivalent

Cited by our colleagues, the leaks therefore relate to tests carried out on the various processors on motherboards based on Z690 chipset for the Intel and X570 chips for the Ryzen processors used in order to perfect the comparison. Also cited is the DDR4-4266 MHz NOX signed Apacer.

CPU-Z Core i3-12100 / 12300 Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Switching to CPU-Z © Chiphell via Videocardz

CPU-Z Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

CPU-Z Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Performances observed under CPU-Z © Chiphell via Videocardz

Cinebench R20 Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

Cinebench R20 Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Performances observed under Cinebench R20 © Chiphell via Videocardz

Cinebench R23 Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

Cinebench R23 Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Performances observed under Cinebench R23 © Chiphell via Videocardz

CS: GO Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

CS: GO Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Performances observed under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive © Chiphell via Videocardz

AIDA64 - Temp Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

AIDA64 - Temp Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Temperature measured with AIDA64 © Chiphell via Videocardz

AIDA64 - Conso Core i3-12100 / 12300 © Videocardz

Consumption measured with AIDA64 © Chiphell via Videocardz

The few tests published in this way provide an idea of ​​the performance of this so-called entry or mid-range processors. It is thus easy to see that even if it is clearly behind the Core i5-12600 – not surprisingly – the Core i5-12400 has resources: it heats less, consumes about as much, and is more powerful than the Ryzen 5 5600X.


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For their part, the Core i3-12100 / 12300 seems to be the new kings of the entry-level. About the tests single thread, they are ahead of the Core i5-11400 and should be significantly cheaper. The question arises of the price of the platform as a whole and this is where the H610 / B660 chipsets will have a role to play in allowing Alder Lake to truly democratize.

Source: Videocardz

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