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Instagram would remove the Store option

Instagram store. (photo: Goal)

Instagram I would be planning to remove the button Store, one of the most relevant for merchants who take advantage of this space to offer services and products through the Meta application.


According to The Verge portal, the company is testing a version of the platform that would replace the Store button with a notification icon. This would return the application to the original interface that many users wanted, while still having direct access to the reels.

According to Goalthe test is performed on a limited number of users to simplify the user experience.

User shows the new 'Notifications' option on Instagram. (photo: Twitter)
User shows the new ‘Notifications’ option on Instagram. (photo: Twitter)

On the other hand, in a report by The Information it was explained that the current shopping experience offered by the social network would disappear completely.

While Instagram isn’t completely moving away from buying and selling products, transactions would be simpler and less personalized than they are now.


In the trial version of the application, the Store goes into the background and can be accessed from the Settings menu.

The pandemic was the main reason for the creation of Tienda

The Instagram store gained importance in the context of the pandemic Covid-19. In May 2020, Facebook announced a new user experience that would keep businesses running and make the shopping experience easier for the end user.

Anyone could (and can) create a store by tagging products on your photos and staying in the app with the Meta payment system.

Instagram store. (photo: Biznaga Digital)
Instagram store. (photo: Biznaga Digital)

With the November 2020 redesign, the store icon moved notifications to the top bar. This change caused the discontent of thousands of users, who also criticized Instagram for reducing the size of their photo publications.

With the pandemic in its final stages and Meta’s revenues declining, mark zuckerberg and company had to rethink their strategy to compete with TikTok.

It is currently unknown when the ‘Shop’ button will disappear for all users. As this is a gradual change, it may come in the next few weeks. The announcement from the e-commerce sidelines comes from an internal message, so there is no official statement yet.

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