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Instagram would let you reply to stories with voice messages

Instagram is evaluating the possibility of allowing its users to reply to others’ stories with voice messages, and not just with emojis or text, the two options currently available.

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The data arises from information disseminated by the researcher Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter profile. The user performs reverse engineering to anticipate the new functions that the applications will introduce. Thanks to that he was able to identify that the social network “is working on the ability to respond to ‘Stories’ with voice messages”, as it spread.

Paluzzi accompanies his statement with a screenshot in which a microphone icon appears in the response bar between the space to write and the one to send a gif. If it becomes a reality, this new functionality would bring Instagram Stories even closer to Snapchat, the app that also allows you to respond to stories shared by others with an audio.

The company is also working on the answer to the Stories with images, another novelty that the developer has shared on Twitter and that is shown with the button that allows you to attach photos (in place of the audio recording icon).

Share posts with QR code

Another novelty that can come to Instagram is to be able to share a post with a QR code. This was also anticipated by Paluzzi this Sunday.

The researcher accompanies this new preview with another screenshot in which the possibility of sharing a publication via QR code appears, just below the rest of the options and before “Copy link”.

But that is not all. Apparently the social network has also been working on other options such as the possibility of gathering exclusive content for subscribers.

One of the most outstanding novelties of recent times on this platform is the possibility that users were given to better control the content what they want to see in their feeds thanks to the fact that it incorporated two different views on the home screen. So for about 5 days now it is possible to select between three options: Home, Favorites, and Following.

It is a very popular option among users since it offers a customization option that was not available until recently. Here’s what each of the views offers.

The Home option is the way that is currently used, by default, as a Feed on Instagram. This option will continue to provide a mix of content from people and accounts followed, ranked by algorithms, other recommended content that the user might like, and more. The “Home Page” will be the default view, so every time the Feed is accessed, it can continue to be viewed that way.

Favorites, on the other hand, shows the posts of the selected accounts in chronological order. In other words, you can choose your favorite accounts from which you don’t want to lose any content.

Up to 50 accounts can be added to the list and changes can be made at any time; people are not notified when they are added or removed. Posts from accounts in the favorites list will also show up higher in the Home Feed, and are shown with a star icon.

The Following option shows posts only from people who are followed. “See the latest posts from the accounts you follow, in the order they were posted. Both Favorites and Following will display posts in chronological order, so you can quickly catch up on recent posts.

To select how you want to view the content, go to the option that says Instagram in the upper left margin of the home page and make the corresponding selection there.



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