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Instagram would allow you to view any content in full screen, TikTok style

The way you navigate Instagram could change soon. Recent reports indicate that the company is working on a full screen mode for its application. A feature that reminds others of the competition in the social mediaWhat TikTok.


This is a report from TechCrunch, where they also assured that the design is made to give more prominence to the video. After all, Instagram has put a lot of emphasis on this format, especially when it comes to its reels.

It was recently confirmed that more than 20% of the time spent on Instagram is spent with Reels. Thus, of all the videos in the app, up to 50% of the time that users spend on the platform is achieved. Now it seems that the company wants to continue giving more importance to its new star feature.


How this Instagram novelty would work: full screen content

According to TechCrunch, this ‘full screen’ will allow users to continue to have buttons for creating posts, switching accounts, notifications and messages at the top of the screen. In the lower area, the Explore, Stories, Purchases and Profile tabs will also remain.


However, it seems that the stories bar will disappear. At the time of publishing its report, Instagram did not tell the agency if there was another way to access the feature. Nevertheless, TechCrunch thinks the bar will appear if you swipe up on Start.

Yes, it would be a strange move for Instagram to remove its Stories bar. After all, it is one of the most profitable functions for the company, even more than Reels. Making them disappear can push that functionality to the background; and that could be what the company wants to do to put more emphasis on its short videos.

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In addition, the company is also testing other novelties. According to an Engadget comment, Instagram will do some Changes in the suggestions that it shows when starting the application.

It seems that will increase the number of recommendations on the home page. Now you will be able to see more content from accounts you don’t follow, but the algorithm thinks you’ll like it based on the ‘likes’ you put on it.

Right now, it is unknown how many posts will be viewable and how often. However, Instagram guarantees that it will be a personalized experience based on the number of users you follow and how often you use the app.

New ways to experience apps

The company promises more ways for users to personalize their experience within the apps. That seems to be the case, and just a few months ago we saw the arrival of the chronological order to the top of Instagram; the feature that had disappeared long ago.

With this feature, users can choose between two options for viewing posts: Following Y favorites. When selecting the first, the posts of the accounts that follow will be displayed in the order in which they were published. While the second will allow you to first see the photos and videos of the accounts that are marked as preferred.

In addition, there are also new functions of the Reels, allowing create videos from models of other users, function that already exists in TikTok.

If you want to know the arrival of all these changes, TechMarkup recommends keeping the app updated. Of course, Just because a feature is in beta doesn’t mean it will be officially released. However, it turns out that the company finds these changes interesting and that in a few months they could be in the devices.

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