Home Tech News Instagram will allow you to save stories without publishing them

Instagram will allow you to save stories without publishing them

Instagram will allow you to save stories without publishing them
Instagram stories can be archived without being published first. (tech)

One of the ways that users to create content on your Instagram accounts are the stories, temporary publications of images and videos which are removed after 24 hours. However, it is possible that these can last even longer thanks to a function that archive and keeps them in a separate section.

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Now, in Meta’s plans is to create a new archive mode where users don’t have to post a history to file it, but they can locate it directly in said section.

The procedure to use this feature in instagram corresponds to the same one that is required to publish a history. Once a photo or video has been created to post, users users they must press the Next button that appears as a icon “>”.

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Archive stories on Instagram (Twitter/@alex193a)
Archive stories on Instagram (Twitter/@alex193a)

By clicking on the button, users will see a list of options publication. So far only three can be located: Your history, Best friends and Messages. While in the new test version of instagram an option is located at the end of the list that indicates “Save to file”.

According to mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, this update is in progress on the social network. The new way of sharing content to stories will not present posts of this style by means of an orange crown around the user’s profile photo, but will instead show them directly in one of the story collections. The update of the archive will allow to show what collection was stored the history since the most recent modification will be the first to appear in the list.

On the other hand, according to the capture that Paluzzi published in his official account of TwitterMeta’s social network would also be developing an additional function of publication of stories only accessible to users who follow the account that created the post.

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This characteristic present in the accounts of some users will serve to increase the privacy levels of the profiles since the only people with the ability to see this content will be those who chose to follow the creatorso it is content that could be considered exclusive or intended solely for a set of people.

Archived stories will no longer need to be pre-published.  (photo: Thirteen Bits)
Archived stories will no longer need to be pre-published. (photo: Thirteen Bits)

Both functions are totally different from the one used to create content specific to the section Best friends, which only shows stories to a small group of people who have been tagged within the best friends collection. The new mode remains in the beta testing phase and its official release date has not been determined. launch to the public.

Instagram will ask for payments for verifying accounts

A new function added by Goal for all users of profiles on the social network, it will allow users of the company’s platforms to add a paid monthly subscription with prices between $11.99 and the $14.99.

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“We want to make it easier for people, especially creatorsestablish a presence so they can focus on building their communities in instagram either Facebook”, the company stated in a statement published on its support page.

In addition to this verification benefit, people also access new tools such as having better Protection against impersonation, visibility and reach, among other aspects of security and content promotion.

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