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Instagram will allow you to create and sell NFTs

NFTs on Instagram. (photo: cryptonews)

It is possible that NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) They are no longer the great millionaire novelty that they were a few months ago, but that does not mean that they have lost the interest of the big technology companies. For example, Goal announced new tools for create and sell non-fungible tokens directly from Instagram.

In this way, the social network deepens its relationship with the NFT world. It should be remembered that since May of this year, Instagram users can attach a wallet of cryptocurrencies to their profile to display the “digital collectibles” (as Meta calls them) they have on it. But what it offers now takes its commitment to these resources to a new level.

As explained by the company mark zuckerberg, there are a number of tools available to NFT creators. This means they can to create (“lying” in terms of blockchain), display and sell your non-fungible tokens without leaving the app from Instagram.

However, the monetization of the funds generated by this feature is not limited to the social network. This means that they can also be purchased from outside the platform.

Basically, the creation and sale of NFTs on Instagram uses the blockchain polygonal. However, Meta has promised to extend support to other networks in the future, as it allows displaying already created NFTs on ethereum, Solarium Y Flow in addition to the aforementioned Polygon.

Another new feature of the social network is that metadata can now also be retrieved from some NFT collections hosted on Open Sea. This is how the Instagram app displays the names and descriptions of the digital artworks that make them up.

Instagram and NFTs take a strong relationship

Currently, the tools to create and sell NFTs are available to a limited number of Instagram users at USA. However, the company promises to expand them to other countries in the near future. For the moment, of course, no previous deadlines have been mentioned.

Another important point to remember is that exchanging non-fungible tokens through Instagram must follow the guidelines of some app stores. Especially from the app store of Manzana. And Meta didn’t miss an opportunity to make that clear from the start.

NFTs on Instagram.  (photo: Goal)
NFTs on Instagram. (photo: Goal)

stephane casrielHead of Business, FinTech and Web3 at Meta announced that they will not charge a commission for creating or selling NFTs on Instagram until 2024.

In addition, gas costs, the fee that users must pay for each use of the blockchain, are initially paid by those who buy non-fungible tokens; although it is not known how long. But he clarified that “in-app purchases are still subject to app store fees.”

The latter is no accident. Apple recently announced that all apps that allow you to buy, sell, and transfer NFTs must use your payment gateway. So, for each transaction, users have to pay a commission of up to 30% to the people of Cupertino.

How to send silent messages on Instagram

To send the messages this way, the process is very simple and no other additional application is needed, but it is done directly from Instagram. The process is the following:

1. Go to messages Icon, located in the upper right.

2. Then you will have to find the person to whom you want to send the content and open the chat.

3. Then go to the text box, write first “@silence” and send.

In this way, the following messages will reach the contact without generating a notification, and they will only be aware of them when opening the social network in the messages section.

This is a tool that allows you to send texts in chats without the need to generate notifications.
This is a tool that allows you to send texts in chats without the need to generate notifications.

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