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Instagram: The easiest way to use the cartoon filter Cartoon Face

Cartoon Face Filters for Snapchat and Instagram.  (Photo: Televisa News)
Cartoon Face Filters for Snapchat and Instagram. (Photo: Televisa News)

the filters of ‘Cartoon Face’ have become very popular in Snapchat, giving the user the appearance of a character from Disney. But, now the filter has become a phenomenon of Instagram, so in this article TechMarkup will explain how it can be used in this social network.

This Snapchat filter allows users see their faces as if they were a princess or a prince from one of the Disney movies. There are people even calling it the Disney dog ​​filter as these same animated features can put them on pets.

Okay, Instagram created its own filter called Cartoon Faces. This filter has achieved the same in this social network, with its success, since it is currently one of the most used filters.

How you can use Cartoon Face on Instagram

If you think that finding and using this filter is somewhat complicated, then the good news is that it is not, since it is quite simple if you follow certain steps:

– The first thing to do is enter instagram.

– Next, go to the section on Stories, as if one were going to be published, by clicking on the icon at the top left, where the user’s photo appears.

– Now you have to slide the effects from the bottom to the right until you can see the option Find Effectswhere you have to click.

– After click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and type “Cartoon Face”. It will be seen how several users who use this filter begin to appear.

Cartoon filters on Instagram.  (photo: Jose Arana)
Cartoon filters on Instagram. (photo: Jose Arana)

– Once the user has been chosen, it will be possible to observe that in the lower left part the option ‘Try’that is, in this way you can see how this filter looks with your face before saving it on Instagram.

– If you want the definitive permanence, it is time to click on the icon that is right next to the one to try, a symbol of a square with an arrow pointing down. When it is saved in Instagram you can see how the arrow becomes a click.

– If you now go to the stories and pass the effects, the Cartoon Face filter should now appear and can be used whenever you want.

– If we already have it on our Instagram, once we have taken the relevant photo, we can send it to the Stories themselves or to a friend so that they can see what face we have left.

Cartoon filters on Instagram.  (photo: Jose Arana)
Cartoon filters on Instagram. (photo: Jose Arana)

A third-party app can also be used

Voila Al Artista valid application for Android and to iOSyou can also use these filters with various typical Disney characters.

Once it’s downloaded, get the user to be a caricature of one of the princes or princesses of the world created by Walt Disney it will be very simple. The following steps must be followed:

– Enter the application and press where it says ‘3D Cartoon’.

– Next, click on Camera. Although it can also choose a photo that has already been done and in which a face appears so that the app detects it and can put the effect on it.

– That’s when you have to square a circle (in the case of choosing ‘Camera’) which is placed in the center of the screen with the face and press on the only button that appears, right in the bottom center. If a photo from the camera roll is chosen, this step is skipped.

– Once the button is pressed, the application will start working so that the result finally appears.

– Finally results can be shared in FacebookInstagram, WhatsApp, by email and even save it on the smartphone as a file.

Voila Al Artist.  (Photo: Jose Arana)
Voila Al Artist. (Photo: Jose Arana)

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